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Upppeeeee mommy

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My DD is 2 1/2 and I'm 26 weeks prego.

She's refusing to walk places--- she does this with daddy too but more with me.

Wants me to carry her up and down the stairs. Sometimes I can talk her into it.

We go out for a walk and she wants upppeeee pretty quickly BUT if we are walking a dog on a leash (my dad's)-- she'll walk 2 miles alone....

I'm trying to explain that I can't carry her so far now. Getting harder with both of us getting bigger.

She'll completely break down. Sobbing. If I try to wait it out with her and not pick her up-- she doesn't let up. Just gets more and more worked up. If I try to start walking saying "come on- let's go look for xxxx", she'll wrap herself around my leg and continue to cry hysterically.

Anyone have any tips?

Someone posted a great tip recently on how to get a toddler to let you brush their teeth and it's working like a charm! I'm looking for more wisdom!!

We are very much into gentle discipline and AP parenting so no tough love solutions, please....
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I'm 27 weeks PG with a 22 month old who likes to be picked up a lot, too. When my back isn't killing me, I do pick her up whenever she asks. When I've had the occasional bouts of sciatica I tell her, "Mommy's back hurts right now. Can I hold your hand instead?" It took me saying that to her several times before she decided that was a good compromise.

For up and down the stairs I say something like, "I want to see what a good climber you are" or "Show mommy how to go up the stairs - I need your help, show me how." The stairs scare me b/c I'm big time clumsy these days and I don't want to fall down while I'm holding her.

Those phrases don't work every time, but it's the only thing I've found that's a good alternative. I'm interested to know what other mamas say, too.
Yeah. I've been trying the "good climber" thing too. She loves Dora so I try to pretend she's climbing up "tallest mountain" or the like. Only works on occasion....
This is hard because when you have an infant it's nearly impossible to pick up the toddler when you're holding a baby. I realized this too when I was big & pregnant and DS was 20 months. Mostly I tried to power through and pick him up a lot, but it got really hard when I was 9 months pg. What I would do is basically sit down wherever I was and let him climb into my lap. (Unless I was in a parking lot or something.) Otherwise I'd sit down in the kitchen, find a bench in a store, etc. I'd direct him to that spot ("Mommy will hold you if you come over here... etc.") and he might cry a little but then go over there. He learned really quickly. I think maybe there was one time when he melted down about it, but he was really tired. He also quit asking to be carried places because I basically never did it. I'd give him the attention but not carry him around. In your case you could maybe sit at the bottom of the stairs and say, "Come sit with mommy down here and I'll snuggle you." That would avoid the carrying up and down the stairs, which I wouldn't want to do when I was way pg!

Now I rarely hold both my newborn and toddler, but I do sit with them both in the rocking chair or on the couch. I also do make a point to carry the toddler occassionally... but not that often because my back starts hurting after a while!

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I would try carrying the toddler in a "piggy-back" style on the back, its much less straining on your spine and a lot of the wright gets spread over your hips, that may help for when she REALLY wants to be carried. you can get really great baby carriers like ERGO or wraps that support toddlers on the back.

When I sense dd is about to ask to be carried, I try to get in first with some kind of game, like walking carefully along a line or seam in the paving, or counting something, or picking flowers, or looking for fairies. Or I'll try playing tag up the street, or take her hand and start skipping while singing a song and dancing a bit.

of course, if dd does really want to be picked up and its really too much for me, i talk to her about it, explain that my back is really sore, and offer some compromises, like perhaps sitting down for a few minutes and holding her then, or singing a song while walking together, then pick her up for the second verse, she walks for the next verse, and so on. I often ask my dd if she wants to give me a massage to help my sore back so that I have more energy to carry her, and she is usually happy to do it... and she is AMAZING! little hands are just so healing!
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