UPS has created a fleet of redesigned electric delivery vehicles.
The United Parcel Service has joined forces with a UK-based company to create a new fleet of electric delivery vehicles, and they're the cutest trucks ever.

I won't lie; on a regular basis, I get deliveries to my home. I don't live very close to many things, and so the people who drive Fed Ex, U.S. Postal service and United Parcel service (UPS) routes are basically my bffs.

So how much do I love that UPS has decided to take an interest in the environment and has partnered with Arrival, a UK-based firm that has created a fleet of 35 electric delivery vehicles?

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The electric delivery vehicles (EVs) will be first rolled out by the end of the year for trial in London and Paris. They are environmentally friendly, with no tailpipe emission and battery ranges of over 150 miles.

And most dramatically, the look of the clunky (but well-loved!) brown box truck will disappear, in exchange for a more compact design with rounded edges that make them actually look cute!

Peter Harris is the director for sustainability at UPS Europe and said that they will continue to work with partners to spark innovation so that they can lead the industry to a more sustainable future.

The new look of the truck is not just aesthetically pleasing; it's safer for drivers as they'll have wider fields of vision so they can see pedestrians and cyclists easier and faster.

UPS has over 300 electric vehicles in the United States in Europe already and almost 700 hybrid electric delivery vehicles. UPS has invested over $750 million in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles since 2009, and they plan to continue working to be more and more sustainable.

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In 2017, they agreed to buy 125 Tesla Semi trucks. The big rig Semi truck is completely electric and even has an autopilot feature that will allow for semi-autonomous driving on those long hauls cross country. They ultimately plan to have 25% or more of its annual vehicle purchases to be those that are powered by alternative fuels or advanced technology and they are looking to make this standard for the company by 2020.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for the cutest UPS truck ever. Now it doesn't just bring you awesome stuff, it does so while looking out for Mother Nature!

Photo: UPS