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Upstate/Central NY attractions

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I am looking for ideas for when our nieces come up this summer. They are ages 10 and 6. We live outside Syracuse.

Any amusement parks that are good besides 6 Flags? Do they have any Discovery Zone type of places around anymore? Any other ideas? We would prefer no more than 2 hours from Syracuse in any direction.

Thanks for any info!
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I grew up in Syracuse, but I live in Erie, PA now.

How about Sylvan Beach? I loved it there when I was a kid, not sure if it's still as nice.

Old Forge - Enchanted Forest! There are alot of nice towns and attractions in the Adirondacks. How about 1,000 Islands?

Ithaca is a nice day trip, lots of nice shops and places to eat and it's a really pretty area. On saturdays they have a big organic farmer's market with lots of music and fun.

In fact, there are alot of things to do all around the Finger Lakes region. Not really big amusement parks, but nice towns and nature trails and shops.

Beaver Lake Nature Center is nice.

The Everson Art Museum is nice. Have you been to the science museum? I think it's called the MOST? There is also a puppet museum in Syracuse, I think it's called The International Mask and Puppet Museum. ? It's on the north side.

If you want to venture to Rochester I highly recommend The Strong Museum -
Also in Rochester, Seabreeze amusement park

I will let you know if I think of more!
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thank you so much for the ideas!
Ithaca's ScienceCenter is excellent for ALL ages and only an hour from Syracuse. There are wonderful parks/trails and gorges in Ithaca also...

Syracuse also has the Zoo to consider.

In addition to Sylvan, there is Green Lakes Park and Jamesville Beach for swimming. How about Beaver Lake? Pratts Falls?

There are so many festivals downtown also...check the SYR websites for the dates your company will be in town.

There are also Skychief's tix are around, if you ask people.

And then there is the carousel in the mall for rainy days! :LOL

I hope this helps.
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it's about a 45 minute drive from ithaca... it's inexpensive and you can take a tour and meet all the animals and pet most of them. big huge cows and pigs and turkeys...

they usually start the tour out with an "informational video", which i suppose you could skip if you wanted.

i love camping in ithaca, shopping in the commons, the greenstar co-op *yum*...
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