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Upstate SC Moms Get Together

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I would love to meet other MDC type moms! We need to form a get together. I would be happy to organize!

Carrie-Are you Carrie Wise/midwife? I'm friends with Lisa Gasser and Heather Davis. Abby and my dd are like best friends.
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HI! I am new to the boards, but I live in Anderson, SC and would love to meet other like minded moms in the area. Hubby and I are still expecting our first, due June 29th. Keep me updated!!

Glad to be here
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I'm in Boiling Springs (next to Spartanburg) and would LOVE to meet some other MDC moms!!

oo,oo!! *waving her arms around*
but im annoyingly weird..and
Does anyone have suggestions for a meeting place? Since we have folks from Spartanburg, but also down in Anderson, what about meeting in Greenville? LMK your thoughts I would love to get everyone together soon!
Hi! I live in Travelers rest. what kind of get together? a playground/park day thing? or a camping trip?
if just a day thing we could meet at cleveland park at the zoo in greenville,camping,there is table rock state park.
what are everyones kids ages? my oldest will be 9 this summer,my youngest is 2 1/2,my middle is 7.
let me know what the plans are! thanks!
Jillby-The zoo is a great idea! I go fairly regularly and we could all bring soemthing to eat for a little picnic. Also, A bunch of my gals from LLL in Simpsonville meet several times a week at Roper Mountain Science Center to walk, hang out. It would be great to meet and introduce ourselves to eachother. I will give everyone this week to check in and see this thread, then I will post a day/time/place for a gettogether.

Also what are good times for folks? Mornings or afternoons?
I'd love to meet at the zoo! Its a perfect place as it has playground and picnic areas too!

My boys are 4 1/2 and 2.

If we do it at the zoo it would have to be a little later in the morning or afternoon. We are so not morning people and since I live in bfe (aka cowpens) it takes me a good while to get out of the house and there.

That would be great.
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I wanna play, I wanna play!! I live in Boiling Springs..Just moved here from Gaffney..

I'd love to go to the zoo next week..I can do Mon, Wed or Thursday..Just about any time..But I need to be back home by 6 on Wed..I'd love to get together with other MDC mamas!! I thought I was the only "wierdo" around here..

As for ages of my kids..DS will be 4 in August and and DD is 15 months..I know DS would really love more kids to play with..Church is the only place he sees kids most of the time and we go to a small church!!

Just lemme know what the plan is and I'm up for it!!
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i have a question-are there any men (husbands/bfs..) going??
because my husband and i would both like to go-if thats okay-but we were wondering if there would be any other guys there for him to talk to..not that he cant talk with all the women too,but you know..a mum AND dad get together??

and oh man,as for what times are good for us..well i will just have to somehow work on my sons sleeping patterns,somehow (a trip out somewhere during the day maybe..) because we are currently up all night and we sleep all day..again..
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the zoo sounds good. my kids are older than most of yours~ they're 9 (b), almost 7 (b) and almost 5 (g)

generally afternoons are better for me to get out that way

my dh won't be coming but i don't have a problem at all with yall bringing so's
carrie, we have 2 kids the same ages anyway.if we get together during the week,then my dh works.weekends he would be free to play! morning or afternoons work fine for us,as my littlest has decided she is no longer napping!maybe we should plan for a late lunch there?
also,kids planet park in greer is fun as an alternative place to go. i was there today and all the kids love it.
i'm not sure how dd would handle an almost 2 hour car ride.
although i would have loved to do it.
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Well, it seems as if afternoon is what everyone prefers. What about say 3 or 4 p.m.? Zoo or Kids Planet in Greer? What about a Friday? Then everyone could maybe go to Gatti town for an early dinner and more kid fun so they all fall out on the way home. My LLL group has been talking about a family fun night and most of these moms are AP and what not. Suggestions have been play at Kids Planet and then icecream at Dillards (a great ice cream place in Greer), but with some of you driving we might need something more substantial.

I'm so glad everyone is interested in meeting!!!!!!!!! Yeah!

My email is [email protected]
if everyone emails me there I can set up a group for MDC moms and email everyone all the info, etc. when we decide on the time/date.
neither my husband or i drive,and the people who would be driving us there dont want to go far..looks like the idea of going is falling apart for me..i am hoping something can change between now and then,but im just annoyed right now..i would love to meet up with you all. sigh..oh well. we'll see what happens,i guess. maybe i can hold out hope that if it all goes well,we'll be doing it again sometime??
I don't think I could do Friday..Darn!! I have a friend coming in from out of town on Friday but I don't know what time so I have to stick close to home..Argh!! If it's going to be a late afternoon thing I can do Mon or Thursday next week..Maybe I can catch the next gathering if I can't make this one..
Fridays would prob. be best for us too.

so are we talking the 24th? next week then?
oh kids planet would be great! we've never been there.

i can't do this fri (today) or the next, but yall go ahead and do whatever suits the majority and i will come when i can. i look forward to meeting all of you.
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