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Urban gardening

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I was just wondering if any of you serious gardeners live in cities? I live in a neighborhood with lots of community gardens and I was wondering if anyone manages to raise a good portion of their food while living in the city. Seems like a fun idea to me (I've gota long way to go though...)
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I get a good amount of our summer vegatable produce and fresh herbs...but the caviat is that we don't eat a ton of vegatables. I have what I consider to be a relatively small garden though (16' x 8').

But this past year (I didn't have the energy to plant this year) I had:

summer squash
acorn squash
swiss chard
carrots (not many though)

and something that I must have planted that came back this year but I have no idea what it is :LOL (it's a mint family member though)

and we have a sour cherry tree in the front.

I have also done:
bush beans (those were really good and you can usually recover enough beans at the end of the season to re-plant the next year)
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I have a 20x20 plot and I can't believe how many things we have planted this year! We have so many tomatoes,peppers, corn, cucs, eggplant, peas, onions, basil, cilantro, basil, and zucchini. I think I will have way too much (it's been raining here a lot) that I am going to have to share lots with friends. HOW FUN. Kids love going to the garden too!
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