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*URGENT* How often should a toddler urinate? And a WWYD?

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Or how long is too long between wet diapers? My son is 2 1/2 and has had some previous health issues related to his pancreas & now his eyes. He was given a prescription for Atropine Sulfate Opthalmic Solution (drops) to try to get him to use his weak eye instead of relying on his strong one. However he had a sever reaction to it and became flushed, ran a fever of 102.4, became listless and stopped urination for over 14 hours. We stopped the medication a week ago (when the symptoms appeared). His face first became flushed 2 days before we stopped the medication b/c we thought he had a slight sunburn from a day outdoors in the sun. The dr had us stop the meds & thought he might have had a reaction b/c of his digestive issues & that it might have built up in his system over a couple of days. For the past week he has been whimpering/crying in his sleep, putting his hand on his stomach or back and saying "ow!" and complaining that the tips of his toes hurt (mostly on the left side).

Now we started a new (weaker) med today & he has not urinated since early this morning. I read today that reactions to the first med he was on could be very dangerous to young children & am wondering if it may have caused damage to his kidneys? Or if he is haing a reaction to this med too. Should I call the on-call doctor and ask to have him seen? Should I take him to the ER & have him seen? Shold I wait until his regular doctor is available? WWYD?

Any advice, input, etc is appreciated! Thanks for reading!
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Is he drinking lots of fluids? I would strip him down and push fluids. He might have peed a little bit that you wouldn't be able to tell. Keep him naked so you will know for sure if he's peeing at all. Can you ask him to try to pee?
I agree that you should make SURE that he's peeing, or not. You could lay a white tissue in his diaper and that would also tell you if you didn't want to get naked.

If it were my dd, I'd call the on call doc and just talk about it and see what s/he has to say. We've been in a few situations where we had to call on-call docs and I've been happy to have done it every time, once I'm sure it kept us out of the er because we called early enough to head off a problem.

Hang in there!
I'm so sorry you are going through this worrisome time! ((HUGS))

I can tell you that a toddler should have a minimum of 24 oz fluid in a day to stay hydrated. I don't keep track of my toddler's output to know exact numbers, but I do keep an eye on her. She's weaning from her stomach feeding tube and her hunger cues are not real good. I just watch for regular peeing and I make sure it's not too dark or doesn't smell too strong. If your toddler is wearing disposable diapers, you can tear them open to examine the color of the gel beads inside the diaper to see if they are dark or lighter. You can also weigh the wet diapers and compare the weight to a dry diaper if you have a sensitive scale (a good kitchen food scale should work for that purpose). When you see the doctor in a day or two you can show them the diaper weights and see if they think that's enough output. You can do the same with cloth diapers if you use the same exact kind of diaper every time.

I would not go to ER unless:
-- your dd is inconsolable or writhing in pain all the time
-- listless or "tuned out"
-- showing signs of dehydration such as dry mouth, decreased urine, etc
-- running a very high fever

Otherwise I think you should be okay to wait until Monday to see the ped. However don't settle for less than the answers you are seeking. If your feel that you are being blown off, seek a second opinion immediately.
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If it were my son, and I were pretty sure he hadn't peed all day, I would be concerned. To repeat a previous question, is he drinking a lot of fluids? I can't remember if you said he **** has a fever, but I'd definitely try to keep him well hydrated and keep an eye on the pee. I guess I'd call the Dr. on duty as well just to see what they say.

Good luck, keep us posted.
He has had plenty of fluids. I put a clean white insert inside of his sposie (we are having cloth troubles lately). I did open up the last couple of diapers, but they are Seventh Generation dipes & didn't seem discolored at all. DS is ALWAYS hungry, and each time he eats we give him something to drink as well. He has a sippy cup of water that he likes to carry around with him as well. We used to do the input/output stuff when he was hospitalized for his other issues, so I know how to do that. Part of the reason I am worried is b/c I looked up the med he had a reaction to and it said "a reaction to this medication is VERY dangerous in infants and young children", but it didn't say why. I know that our ped will take my concerns seriously, but in the past I haven't been happy with the dr I know is oncall this weekend. I will post when he wakes up from his nap if he peed or not. Thanks for your replies!
USAmma~ Once when DS was in the hospital I was so determined to use my cloth (cuz it was the one thing I had control over) that I weighed each and every diaper when it was dry and recorded the weight. Then when I changed his diaper I would weigh it again & do the math myself and report it to his nurse. They thought it was very "diligent" of me. I'm sure they were wondering why I would go to all of that trouble!
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