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Urgh, my yogurt smells weird!

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I just made a batch of raw milk yogurt, and it turned out smelling strange--sort of more SOUR vs TART, if you kwim? also it smells just a tad yeasty, maybe? I can't really pinpoint it. And it tastes wierd-ish too...but not necesarrily BAD. I have eaten it twice, and have had no ill effects, so I'm guessing it must be OK?? Dunno why it turned out wierd this time--this is the 3rd batch I've made and I used the same recipe all 3 x...milk, + some yogurt from the last batch + store bought live culture yogurt for culture, heat milk to room temp, add culture, and put in a warm cooler for ~12-13 hours.
Should I eat it, or start over?
I would hate to waste that much milk, but i dont want to get sick if its contaminated with bad stuff...
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You could try letting it culture longer. For that type of yogurt making, some people seem to have more luck with letting it culture for 24 hours. It might improve the flavor.

Just curious...why are you using both yogurt from a previous batch and yogurt from the store? Normally it's just one or the other.
My homemade yogurt always smells like milky butter and has only a very slight tart taste. Is that normal?
It is nothing like the plain yogurt that I buy to make it with, and it seems to be thicker.
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