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Urinalysis Strips

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Is there any reason to order strips that measure things outside glucose and protein? Are there specific brands to avoid buying in test strips?

Also, any garden variety fetoscope will be sufficient for hearing the heartbeat?

(I'm thinkign about ordering stuff soon....).
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Well, my midwife used the strips for my first 2 pregnancies, but this time she's stopped ordering them. She just doesn't think they give useful enough information. For example, if protein is showing up enough in the urine to register on the sticks, it's already pretty well along and there should have been other outward symptoms. Honestly, there's hardly anything she does anymore besides the blood pressure that I don't know how to do myself; I probably would have bought some of the strips if I was doing my own prenatal care, but now I have to agree that those aren't even necessary. It's really up to you!

- krista
Depends on you, really. I didn't measure any of that, I figured if I was feeling good there was no reason to assume that anything was wrong.

The fetoscope I used was this one: Just make sure the one you get has a cord long enough that you can listen yourself!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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