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Urinary Tract infection

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I need help for a friend. She thinks that her dd has a uninary tract infection and she is wondering what she can do besides cranberry juice. She would really like to avoid the dr.'s and antibiotics if it is at all possible.

Thanks in advance!
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When we suspect UTI we use Uva Ursi loose.

I bring water to a boil, put in the Uva Ursi herb, let it steep for about 10 minutes, and then sip it all day long.

It doesn't have to be very strong. It more effective it you drink a lot.
I don't make any of my teas strong at all. But if we need to, we drink about 1/2 gallon a day. Depends on the child of course.
No sweets! Diet is very important during a UTI. Simplify the diet, eat a lot of lightly steamed veggies, miso soup, bone broths, and avoid all sweet foods. Homemade yogurt or a good probiotic supplement can be very helpful for UTIs. Cranberry juice can be very effective, even more so when mixed half and half with an herbal tea. LIke pp said, uva ursi is a good choice. A good mixture would be 2 parts marshmallow leaf, 2 parts dandelion leaf, 1 part uva ursi and 1 part buchu. There are a lot of other herbs that are helpful for UTI's: cornsilk, chickweed, cleavers, yerba mansa. It's appropriate to drink about a quart of cran. juice and tea a day during an infection. How old is her dd? All of these herbs are safe, but if she's quite young, I'd use smaller amounts. I would also encourage the use of an immune boosting tincture like echinacea/goldenseal/myrrh, hourly during acute symptoms and a few times a day for a week following the infection. If she's in pain, a calming tea and/or tincture might be useful, as well as warm baths with herbs like marshmallow, lavender, and chammomile added. It's also really important to teach young girls proper wiping--front to back,, that really helps prevent UTIs!
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make sure she is not drinking cran juice cocktail, also - loaded w/sugar!!! 100 percent juice only...
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