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US interferes in Australian domestic politics- again

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Okay, so this news is so last week, but I've only just had the chance to pull a bit of info together.

Bush, Schieffer-brains, & the whole damn US administration scare me. We don't want this sort of intervention/ interference in the domestic politics of our country. I don't understand what is so complicated about that. Australia is perfectly capable of making its own foreign policy decisions. It's a bit like John Howard calling a press conference, & then publically denouncing the US House Minority Leader (or whatever the title is) for policy statements. It's offensive, & demonstrates clearly the absolute egotistical, global empire building crap that is currently coming out of the United States. IMO.

A few tidbits, if anyone cares to read them.......

The original comments can be read here.....From

Opposition leader Mark Latham has pledged to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq by Christmas if the Labor Party wins the federal election, which is due later this year.

However, when asked his opinion of Labor's plan during a joint press conference with Prime Minister John Howard in Washington this morning, Mr Bush answered: "That would be disastrous."

"It would be a disastrous decision for the leader of a great country like Australia to say that 'we're pulling out,'" Mr Bush said.

"It would dispirit those who love freedom in Iraq. It would say that the Australian Government doesn't see the hope of a free and democratic society leading to a peaceful world.

"It would embolden the enemy, who believe that they can shake our will.

"They think that the Western world, the free world, is weak, that when times get tough we will shirk our duty to those who long for freedom and we'll leave."
And in case anyone's forgotten what's happening to the two Aussies in Gitmo..... from the same page on the ABC website again:
"According to Australian officials, an investigation was launched by US authorities this week after former Guantanamo inmates said the two Australians were tortured.

Hicks was allegedly tied hand-and-foot before being beaten and Habib allegedly dragged around by a chain on his foot."

Our PM, little Johnny Howard assures us that: "I welcome the assurances the President has given me regarding the proper treatment of the two Australian detainees in Guantanamo Bay." Bullshit. Friends don't let friends torture their own nationals.

And the reaction to Dubya intervention in our politics Down Under: also from the ABC website

Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser says the United States President George W Bush should not treat Australia as though it is a US state.......
"I'm quite sure all Australians know Mr Bush's views but he really should try to preserve protocol and not treat Australia as though we're a state of the United States," he said.

"President Bush should keep out of Australian politics, his comments were partisan and unnecessary.
The Liberal Party is John Howard's party.

Ernest W. Graham, an op-ed writer for the Canberra Times had this to say about Dubya.
"Howard says a Latham Government would endanger the alliance with the U.S.

This is just plain stupid politicking. My opinions are:

A man who should not be President, who failed in his two efforts in the oil industry, who avoided Vietnam by joining the Home Guard. He is a Conservative Republican warmonger who would obviously prefer to "force his enemies" than to "face them".

He bypassed the U.N. and illegally invaded Iraq, killed thousands of innocent people and thousands of those defending their country against a massively superior enemy. Bush naturally wants to stay in Iraq to protect his Oil Company's interests and to subjugate the Iraqis under the guise of "peace and democracy".
from this webpage:

And there's a variety of opinion here about future Bush/Howard or Kerry/Latham scenarios, as well as more commentary on Bush's comment (both pro & against).

I think you all should know what's going on Down Under, seeing as we're your third best friend on the world stage right now. Or, I should say, John Howard is Bush's third best friend, & Howard may well be out of office in a few months time. Altho maybe not if Bush has anything to do with it. Thank Christ we still vote on paper & have an electoral roll.
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Yikes Aussie!

Just a wee bit nation-centric are we?

Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for that Shonahsmom. It's nice to know that at least one person cares that there's a whole 'nother half of the planet south of the equator.

I suppose I'm just as nation-centric as the next person, it's just that.... well, nobody really cares what Australia thinks, KWIM?? We are so utterly insignificant in the global scheme of things. It's frustrating sometimes, because I think Aus as a lot to offer the world....
More of the same, more of the same...

I guess trying to make Canada toe the line got old.
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Yeah, I know. the recalcitrant Canadians, messing everything up by refusing to play the game by US rules.... Hope they don't think the Aussies are a soft target for bullying instead.... They'd be mistaken.
And right now Canadians are considering electing a prime minister who is eager to do anything to make Bush happy
Chretien wasn't perfect (what leader is?) but don't the current politicians GET IT that most Canadians say the best thing he did in office was to stay out of the Iraq war?

I can'y bear the thought of Harper(conservative) winning the election - he can't wait to begin dismantling everything that makes Canada great.

The world needs countries like Australia and Canada, not a bigger, more powerful USA.
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