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Use Sportwash

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to wash your diapers? Live in MA? Well...

I just happen to stop into Wally hell (Walmart) the other day for this hard to find camping thingy I've been searching for and low and behold they were taking all the Sportwash off the shelf and makrking it down. Each bottle was $1.50
. I use so little to wash diapers that I woun't need to buy more for a year!
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Great price! I'll have to venture in to mine to see if they are marked lower. WHen I bought some a couple weeks ago they were down to $3. I'd love to stock up for $1.50!
Yeah I went looking about 3 weeks ago and the guy told me it's all gone for the season. It will be back in the Fall. So I guess I missed the big markdown, DARN!
Havent' been there in forever - will have to check mine soon!!!
Yep I second this! I bought a bottle last year and I still have a ton left! Great stuff!!!
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