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We are purchasing a used Honda odyssey, 2006 ex-l with 30K miles. I have two questions.

Should we buy the extended bumper to bumper warranty? It is $1070. We have never purchased an extended warranty before, but this car has so many electronic parts (doors, windows, keys) just about everything. I am worried that one repair (replace window motor) would cost almost the amount of the warranty, thus making the extended warranty worth it. We would have 6 years/60K miles on the warranty after the current warranty expires.

Should we purchase GAP insurance? This is something else we have never bought. We are not puttting very much down on the vehicle so if we crashed it we could owe more than the vehicle is worth. This is not a situation I like to be in (not having a big chunk of money to put down or pay cash for the van) but it is the circumstance we are in right now.
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