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Our local organic butcher sells suet for a buck a pound, and I just put in an order for 5 lbs. Just wondering, does anyone use raw suet for anything, or is it only good for boiling down to make tallow?

(And tallow is great for NT-style cooking, right? Wikipedia says McDonalds used to make their fries in tallow!)

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I jsut posted the same question last week. As far as I can tell, tallow and suet are not the same. Suet is kidney fat and melts at a different temperature. The only tradtional use of suet that I have been able to find is in medieval english type puddings...and as bird food

But, I would love to hear different...I too have 5 pounds of suet in my freezer


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Thanks for the reply
Tallow is rendered (melted) suet. Are you going to use yours for eating or for soap-making? I think I'll try both! There are lots of instructions online for how to render suet into tallow, like this:

Suet, the fat attached to the kidneys, was prized by traditional groups for its nutritional benefits. If you can not buy suet off the supermarket shelf then you may have to resort to rendering the fat yourself.

Ask at your local butcher for suet from free range cattle, or if that does not succeed then try your supermarket butcher.

Makes about a litre.

* 1 1/2 kg suet, chopped.

Place the suet in a large saucepan and heat over very low heat, stirring occasionally for about 6 hours or until most of the fat has melted. Keep the saucepan covered. If it looks as if a large portion of the fat has not melted then increase the heat a little. Strain through a steel sieve or a colander lined with cheesecloth. Refrigerate until it sets, cut into blocks and store in the freezer.

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Recipe from the recipezaar website below. I'm not really sure that pudding with chunks of beef fat in it sound all that appetizing...?

Christmas Pudding Aka Suet Pudding
Recipe #192530
My Grandmother made this every Thanksgiving. I couldn't wait to go visit her to get a bowl. It's very rich and you can't eat very much. Don't let the ingredients keep you from making it. It wonderful. by Mimi Hall

12 servings
Time to make 3½ hours, 30 min prep

Christmas Pudding
1 cup molasses
1 cup chopped suet
1 cup sour milk
3 1/2 cups flour
1 cup raisins
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Nutmeg Sauce
1/4 cup oleo, melted in fry pan
1/4 cup flour
boiling water, as needed

1. Mix all ingredients together. Divide batter into either 3 one pound coffee cans {mold} or 1 three pound coffee can {mold}that have been greased well. Cover open end with cheesecloth and rubber band Steam for 3 hours.
2. {It freezes well}.
3. Nutmeg Sauce.
4. 1/4 cup. oleo melted in fry pan.
5. Stir in flour about 1/4 cup flour.
6. Mix with boiling water to gravy consistency. Flavor with nutmeg, vanilla and sugar to taste.
7. Pudding and sauce is best when served warm.

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Originally Posted by thomlynn View Post
BTW I just noticed your son and I share a b-day!!!

Hey that's neat!

I just discovered a soap-making class is going to be held locally this Saturday. If I can scrape together the $25, I'm going to do it. Then I'll be able to make all our family's soap out of organic tallow! No more sodium laureth sulphates for us!!

Here's a great website about making soap: and a recipe from that site (there are other recipes for soap that smells good enough to eat, but this is a basic, simple one):

This recipe is provided for those of you who have straight rendered tallow to use and want an all around good bar with the sudsing of coconut and the gentleness of olive oil. -(Kathy ******)

Tallow Blend Soap

44 oz. beef tallow
20 oz. olive oil
20 oz. coconut oil
12 oz. lye crystals
32 oz. cold water

Temps 110-115

If I were rendering tallow from scratch again like I used to, this would be my recipe of choice. You can make soap with straight tallow or a blend of tallow and lard, but for the best of all worlds, adding coconut for sudsing and olive for its mildness does a lot for a tallow soap. If you want your bars a bit softer for cutting or are going to be using a fragrance oil with unpredictable results, you can increase the water by two ounces.
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