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Using 2 snappis???

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Can someone tell me or show me how to use 2 snappis on prefolds? I am at a loss as to how to do it. Thanks!!
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Did I miss a thread? I have never heard of ayone using 2 snappi's at once. I'd love to help ya out...I just don't know what ya mean
One snappi should be all you need to adequately hold baby's dipe in place. I am sure some Mama's here can post some links for you if you need a pictoral on how to use the snappi
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I only use one snappi so I don't understand what you aretrying to do. Otherwise I would try and help.
Ive heard of some mammas using 2 snappis when one just wouldnt hold....My ds has a big tummy and the 1 snappi wont stretch enough to get to the other I read somewhere on here that some have been using 2 (i think one for each side to hold it in place).

Either that or I need bigger prefolds (although I havent been able to find any bigger ones)........

Heres the link to the previous thread
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Just a bump!! Hoping some Mama's who posted in that thread will help you out
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like someone said it is when the snappi won't reach all the way across.

One snappi to the left hip and a little past midway on the belly, the other snappi to the right hip and a little past midway on the belly. Attach both bottom legs.
I am guessing you would just cut off the third leg then take one snappi and put it from hip to middle (under belly button) and do the same on the opposite side with the other. If they are too loose that way do a little cross over.

Seems like a great idea and would totally work on big bellied babies!
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