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using herbs on babies under 1 yr/teething/sleeplessness

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my sweet 8 month dd is having a heck of a time sleeping. she has a nasty cold and on top of that has been working hard for several months to cut her first tooth which so far has not popped through.
she is so wired by this that she just can't sleep! even if we can get her down, she wakes up within minutes with a coughing fit or tooth pain. the past few days she has not had her naps (getting more amped as the day goes by)and bedtime takes 3 of us
: (hubby and devoted 12 year old bro) hours and hours of trying everything to finally bring sleep. she is like a crazy wild animal, thrashing her arms and legs, tonguing her sore little gums, drooling, biting, snotting, coughing
. teething tablets don't work, camomile doesn't work (last night we gave her tea and bathed her in it), she doesn't like the cold or frozen options; she is so distracted she can't even nurse! i want to give her valerian tincture - which was a godsend with my son - to get her over that falling asleep hump. "herbs for kids" (awesome brand tinctures) says not to give under a year. yet tylenol, that nasty red or purple artificial stuff is fine! to me that just doesn't make sense! does anyone have any knowledge of giving babies under a year herbs? any other advice?
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Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child says to not give any valerian to a child under the age of twelve. They do recommend COfeea Crudea, homeopathic coffe, to relieve symptoms similar to those adults feel after drinking a cup of coffee. This rememdy effectively relieves mental and physical nervousness and excitement that may be interferring with sleep. Lavender is also good to calm a child who is overstimulated or high-strung. Use it in an aromatherapy diffuser and make sure to get essential oil of lavender. Eucalyptus oil will be good for her congestion, as well as going into the bathroom and turning on the hot water in the shower. I did this with my son when he had a cold and it helped him to sneeze out the congestion. For teething, they recommend clove oil (Gum-omile Oil is what I recommend) and licorice root powder mixed with enough water to make a paste.
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