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Dd has been fascinated by the toilet for many months, but it was hard getting her up there. I found a potty chair that looks just like a little toilet, and within a few days, she is using it whenever she is naked.

I put panties on her, of course the first time she thought they were like a diaper, so she wet, but the second time she understood their limitations. She likes the idea of them but complains they are uncomfortable. I have other ones on mail order - the ones I got have ruffles on them that are probably tickling her.

Sometimes she asks for a diaper so I put one on. For naps, night, and outings, I use the diaper. Otherwise she is naked if we are home. She enjoys the new privilige of being free to roam the house in this condition; it used to be naked only in the kitchen or adjacent bathroom.

I'm asking what to do next; I guess I should just follow Dd's lead since that's worked so far, but winter is coming and our house is drafty. I'm wondering when I can put clothes on her and have her think clothes = diaper? I know the answer is probably she'll have to learn the messy way, but if there are any insights, I'd appreciate hearing them.
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