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Uterine Polyps?

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Hello, All-

I was wondering if anyone hear had a uterine polyp? And has anyone heard of having it treated chemically?

I had an early m/c last month. The radiologist found a polyp inside my lining (near my ovary) and a fibroid on the outside. My GYN doesn't seem concerned about the fibroid and I'm hoping I can get it to go away by changing my lifestyle (I used to drink lots of caffiene and eat lots of soy products). However, he is a concerned about the polyp--as well as some "shadowing" around my other ovary (he thinks it's just a bad pict from the sonogram). It's likely the polyp caused implantation issues.

So I'm getting an MRI next week, and although I technically have low-risk factors I'm scared of it being cancer.

The dr says if everything checks out okay we are going to try to remove the polyp chemically first and later do a D&C... Has anyone heard of this? I've heard of doctors doing D&Cs for polyps, but never heard of a polyp removed chemically.
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Hi Red_Lil_Mama,

I also had a uterine polyp, but I had it removed by hysteroscopy. I haven't heard of the chemical removal. My doc said that a D&C was not a good route for removing polyps because with a D&C, they have to go into your uterus "blind". For the hysteroscopy, they send in a teeny tiny camera (no kidding!) and a little snipper. When they find the polyp, they snip it off. I had the hysteroscopy in March and got pregnant in April. Good luck!

Thanks, Sarah. I was really not too impressed with my doctor for a number of reasons--ranging from his weird answers to his bad bedside manner. I had an MRI over a week ago, and they said he'd get the results in a day. He has yet to call me. So, I'm getting a second opinion.
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