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Uterus achy/heavy?

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I am about 7 weeks pregnant. For the past few days, my uterus (or that general area) has had this heavy/achy feeling. I was thinking it was a crampy feeling, but it's not exactly cramps, just more of a dull ache. It's not painful, the feeling is just there.

I had a dating u/s yesterday, and saw the little heart beating, so as of then, all was well. I didn't think to mention it to my midwife at the appointment...I was all teary with happiness of seeing the heartbeat!

Anyone else feeling this way?
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ME!!!! I was just discussing this with my mommy friends. Most of them have said they felt this way with their subsequent pregnancies. I guess it's b/c our bodies know what they're doing this time. Probably one of the reasons we'll show sooner with each subsequent pregnancy - the uterus stretches faster maybe.
me too! haven't seen the doc yet but am thinking we're due close to the end of Feb. so I'm about 6or 7ish weeks. I don't remember feeling this way with my daughter at all! We'll see what the doc says.
I've been feeling this too. I also have some pain around my uterus but not actually in it-- more like round ligamint cramps but in my lower abdomen and where my uterus is now. I think it must be because my uterus is stretching more quickly this time. I also have found that my shorts are a little tight right where they should button already even though I haven't gained any weight. I'm 8w2d and noticed it starting beginning of week 7 and throughout last week.
My uterus also feels heavy. My baby is 8 weeks along. I've had a "sensation" for a couple weeks. Not quite cramps. I have to pee constantly. It's the same ligament stretching feeling that others have described.
I would describe mine as cramping, but I know what you mean, it's like, "oh, there is my uterus". It's not particularly comfortable but it is not painful.
I've had that stretching feeling as well. My pants are already comfortable around the button as well, even though I don't think i've gained any size- if so maybe a few lbs. I just feel like it's too tight- need more space to grow!

But i've had the heavy/achey feeling- like i've excerised my uterus of something! It's stretching!
My uterus doesn't exactly feel heavy, but I am definitely already having round ligament pain! I like to wear my pants pretty low slung even when not pregnant, so I can stay in denial about expansion for a little while.
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