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I am pretty darn sure I have my first symptomatic UTI. I was diagnosed with one (asymptomatic) due to my urine culture at my first doc visit after I got my BFP . So doc put me on amoxycillin, and I took the full course but of course was asymptomatic to begin with so not sure if it worked or not.
There was another urine sample since then and I assume everything was fine since no one said anything.
Last week I started to notice I had to pee more at night, slightly more urgently than normal. I just attributed this to the pregnancy. Then I started noticing that my urine had a strong smell, and was cloudy. Well I had a very busy week (my SIL had a baby and I had to go to a wedding) so I thought I'd wait until I saw my doc at a scheduled appt today.
Yesterday though I was in so much misery I went to the clinic where my doc works and saw the doc available at the time, and he gave me Nitrofurantoin (Cat B, like Amox.) Although he didn't take a urine sample - he diagnosed based on symtoms.
DH & I will see my regular doc today to hear baby's heartbeat for 1st time (yay!) but I'm wondering if any of you ladies can tell me how long I'll be suffering the symtoms that I have. I feel like I need to pee ALL THE TIME... not just frequently but 24 hrs a day for the past 2 days. I've only been taking the new Nitrofurantoin for 1 full day.
I'm not even sure I can work because I really feel like I need to be in the bathroom all the time. Last night was awful, only 2 hrs sleep (TMI: plus diarreah and vommitting last night...yikes!)

I'd really appreciate any advice you ladies can give.

14 weeks pregnant with 1st baby.
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