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For a while now ds has been having these very unpredictable crying spouts where he stands with his legs apart and cries like he is in major pain.

At first we thought UTI, which we quickly ruled out by letting him go diaperless and seeing that the pain was not when he urinated.

Next we thought maybe it was the stiffer/patterned happy heinys, so we tried using just the softer solid colors. Still happened.

Well, we finally figured it out, it happened the other night, and he was screaming "dada!" and really looking to dh for help, which is funny b/c he always comes to me. So, I had a thought, and whipped off his diaper, and.....

Yep. an erection, and it was stuck in the "down" position that I put it in when I change him. Now, it's not like this is the first erection we have seen, we just usually see them at diaper changes or during bath, or naked time, YK?

So, if you ever run across this with your boys, hopefully you will remember this thread and know what it is right away.

There's your daily dose of wisdom. Your welcome:LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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