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Does anyone know if there is a connection between UTI's and diabetes? I have suspected for awhile that I might have diabetes, but the tests for it keep coming back negative.

A few months ago, I got a UTI that progressed to a kidney infection in one day.

Yesterday I felt like I was getting a UTI, but when I went to the doc, the urine test did not show a UTI. Now I feel really perhaps this is going to a kidney infection, as well!

I should take cranberry tablets, I know. Does anything else help prevent or cure UTI's?

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I don't know much about any connections to diabetes but I used to get UTI's that always went straight to my kidneys. Here's what my homeopath had for me:

uva ursi tea or capsules
cranberry/pineapple juice cocktail (both unsweetened)
tumeric force (i can get you more info on this if you're interested)
Cantharis 30X or 30C

Drink tons of water, pee before and after any kind of sexual activity, wipe front to back, pee often and empty your bladder. Have you seen a urologist? They can check to be sure your bladder is empting all the way.

Originally Posted by NatalieS
Have you seen a urologist? They can check to be sure your bladder is empting all the way.

Ever since having babies, I don't think I can fully void. Is this possibly causing the UTI's? Would a urologist actually be able to help? Thanks.
My urologist said that there could be ways that he could help depending on what is going on. A simple xray ruled this out for me. I have trouble voiding all the way sometimes too. I have to stand up and then sit back down and try again

My cause, come to find out, that I wasn't peeing after "messing around" with DH only after DTD so I was still letting bacteria get in there. Since I started peeing religiously after anything we do, I don't have troubles.
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