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v-bac after 2 c-sections?

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My sister in law is pregnant and has had 2 c-sections before. Now she thinks she might want a v-bac, but isn't sure if this is possible after having had 2 c-sections before (instead of just one.) Does anyone know for sure?
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subbing here... I've also had two sections and would like to try for a VBAC for my next baby (yet to be conceived!).
A VBA2C is certainly possible, and many mamas here have done it!

Check out the information in the VBAC support thread (, and perhaps have your sister look into contacting her local ICAN group ( for more information and support.

Good luck to your SIL!
Absolutely. If we have another baby I will definitely go for the VBA2C rather than an elective repeat surgery.

Here's a great site that gives you tons of info:

and another that explains the rights of women seeking a vbac:
Not only is it possible, but the latest study suggests that it is not any more risky than vba1c.

Obstetrics & Gynecology 2006;108:12-20
© 2006 by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Risk of Uterine Rupture With a Trial of Labor in Women With Multiple and Single Prior Cesarean Delivery
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether the risk for uterine rupture is increased in women attempting vaginal birth after multiple cesarean deliveries.
METHODS: We conducted a prospective multicenter observational study of women with prior cesarean delivery undergoing trial of labor and elective repeat operation. Maternal and perinatal outcomes were compared among women attempting vaginal birth after multiple cesarean deliveries and those with a single prior cesarean delivery. We also compared outcomes for women with multiple prior cesarean deliveries undergoing trial of labor with those electing repeat cesarean delivery.
RESULTS: Uterine rupture occurred in 9 of 975 (0.9%) women with multiple prior cesarean compared with 115 of 16,915 (0.7%) women with a single prior operation (P = .37). Multivariable analysis confirmed that multiple prior cesarean delivery was not associated with an increased risk for uterine rupture. The rates of hysterectomy (0.6% versus 0.2%, P = .023) and transfusion (3.2% versus 1.6%, P < .001) were increased in women with multiple prior cesarean deliveries compared with women with a single prior cesarean delivery attempting trial of labor. Similarly, a composite of maternal morbidity was increased in women with multiple prior cesarean deliveries undergoing trial of labor compared with those having elective repeat cesarean delivery (odds ratio 1.41, 95% confidence interval 1.02-1.93).
CONCLUSION: A history of multiple cesarean deliveries is not associated with an increased rate of uterine rupture in women attempting vaginal birth compared with those with a single prior operation. Maternal morbidity is increased with trial of labor after multiple cesarean deliveries, compared with elective repeat cesarean delivery, but the absolute risk for complications is small. Vaginal birth after multiple cesarean deliveries should remain an option for eligible women.
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Thanks all, I passed on the info to my sister-in-law. I hope it helps her to try to do vba2c.
Yes! I did! I am so very, very glad I didn't give up my VBAC dreams after my second c-section.
There's a link to my birth story in my signature. Your friend might want to see about having an HBAC; the farther away from interventions she is, the less likely she will be to get pushed into them, and the better her chances for success.
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I am planning a vba2c in a month

So it is possible!
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Not trying to crash the party but....
I'm on the fence in spite of the "study" but mine comes from personal experience. It is NOT worth it if she has had a prior dehisence.
I just tried to VBA2C after a dehisence, ruptured, my daughter lived but was dx'd with brain damage.
A woman I know from the ICAN list tried a VBA2C after a dehisence, ruptured, and lost her son.
A woman just joined the HIE (the name for the brain damage my daughter suffered) list I am on, she VBA2C'd without a dehisence, ruptured, and her son has Cerebral Palsy. At 11 months old, cannot lift his trunk while lying face-down, cannot roll over face-to-back, cannot sit unsupported, crawl or stand. He's been having massive alternative treatments and is doing a MILLION times better than most babies who suffer damage from Birth Asphyxia.

And before anyone pounces me with the "vaginal is so much better for baby and safer than surgery" I'm well aware of all that, but in hindsight a vaginal delivery is NOT worth what I went through and absolutely NOT worth losing a child over. Yes, problems do happen with c-sections but they rarely are as devastating and lifelong to either the mother or the child as what happens with a rupture.
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I think in this case the mama in question doesn't know if she had dehisence during her previous pregnancies/labors? It would certainly be something to talk about with her care provider and (although some mamas here disagree) I personally feel that with a VBA2C the best place to deliver is in a hospital with immediate OR and NICU care available in case something does go wrong. Monitoring in labor is overused and often counter-productive to a VBAC attempt, but things can and do happen and it's important to be aware of the risks.
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i did VBAC after 2 c/s in a free standing birth center. if i had been in a hospital, i would have had another c/s. i know this b/c my labors are long (all of them were) and i know i would have caved. i just KNOW i would have at the end i was so exhausted.
It's definitely possible--I did a VBA3C and am hoping for a VBAVBA3C (or is it
2VBA3C?) in October.
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