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Okay ... two questions about cd's and our upcoming trips:

1. While we are in Ohio, we will be staying at a hotel that has a valet laundry service. Would you trust your cd's in that situation? We'll be in town from a Thursday until Tuesday so I'll need to wash at least 1 time; maybe 2 times (Sat & Mon). Otherwise I have to search on-line for a near-by coin-op, but I'd rather not take the time away from family to sit at a coin-op if possible.

2. We use wool exclusively and was wondering all you wool mama's, what you would recommend camping ... I have covers, a couple home-made soakers and bum sweaters and some really cute aqua knit longies/capris. Ds will be 9 months and will be wanting to get down and crawl around (ouch!) ... at the rate he's going, he may be close to walking by then. I was thinking covers/soakers would be good because I can cover them with sweat pants and shorts ... I would take some of our pocket diapers that I have on standby for emergencies, but it's so hot in Yosemite during the summer that his little bum would get really sweaty ... plus I only have like 4 pockets and 1 is reserved for a swim dipe.

Okay, any experience and wise words would be great!
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