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Hi, live just outside of Burlington and LOVE it here! Yes, I agree it's progressive and family friendly. I'm not too well-versed in property values but there's a lot of growth and costs are a bit high. I just bought my first house last year and it's a cute old house that was in great shape and I got it for $179k complete with a 69x100 yard fenced in backyard. Loving it.

Burlington isn't necessarily close to the mountains but there are some nice outlying towns where you can commute to. I would think where you work would make a huge difference. We live quite close because of dh's job and not wanting to commute too far in bad weather. We'd like a house in the country too but the powers that be know they're in high demand and a nice house can be costly. I would imagine once you see Burlington you'd be like, this IS a small town haha.

I like it, lots of culture and diversity. I hope you decide to stay, Kitty
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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