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Sounds like a great idea!<br><br>
I want to read -Every Second Child-Archie K<br>
-Vaccination & Criminality one-Harris Coulter -sp<br>
-The Viera Shreiber-sp- one<br><br>
I have -The Vaccine Guide -new edition-<br>
-Immunization -Walene James<br>
-Vaccinations a thoughtful....Romm<br>
-Vaccines -are they really...******<br>
-The Sanctity of Human Blood-OShea<br>
-The Vaccination Dilemma -Murphy<br>
-Vaccinations -the hidden facts-Sinclair<br>
-Health the only immunity-Sinclair<br>
-The Immune Trio -Buttram<br>
-How To Raise ....Mendelsohn<br>
-How To Raise a Healthy.....Lendon Smith<br>
-The Immunization Resource Guide-Rozario<br>
-What Price Vaccinations-Delarue<br>
-What your Dr ... Cave<br>
-Vaccination Deception -Spence<br><br>
Clarifying--I only want to swap to read -not keep-<br>
Although if anyone wants to sell me a copy of one I want to read-ok by me .
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