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Vaccine religious exemption in east hampton CT?

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has anyone claimed a religious exemption in memorial school? if so, did you have to get a notary to notarize your health form or did yoou check off the box, have the doc fill the rest and turn it in?
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its a simple form you fill out and sign. no dr or notary necessary. hold on while I find it
great! Thank you!!

do you also have the doctor fill in the regular part of the health form for the physical exam part?
yep and then just cross out the vaccination part otherwise drs usually put a sticker there with a list of vax's or attach a sheet with all the vax's on it. attach the exemption to the physical form, and all set.
thanks so much,
you've been a big help!
Do you happen to know if it's the same deal for camps? like for camp Ingersoll? or is there a different form to use for camps?
hmmm...i dont know. I'd assume it should be. the law doesnt say anything about camps, only school.
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