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Valor Kids Grand Opening Tomorrow~

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I am so excited about this. I cannot wait to see what Kathleen has been up to. I know it will be great.
I have got my paypal all ready and doing my finger workout! :LOL
A little bird told me it will be sometime in the morning. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Everyone wish her luck!
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Kathleen, I wish you the best of luck this time around
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how exciting, I bought some used valor kids wool covers and i love them, i'll look forward to seeing more.
If she offers AIOs you should snatch them up. Her PUL ones were AWESOME!
Good luck go Kathleen!

Awesome prices on regular cuddlebuns-- $8-10/piece for barely used. Run run run if you want to try a cuddlebun! Lots of variety to choose from!

Ah so is it a resale store? I kept looking for new stuff:LOL I love the pandas on the site
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The new dipes are up. Someone please buy the stars one so I don't

oh BTW you will notice the AIO is gone
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I took a custom slot - need to decide between the japanese koi, the celestial, and the stained glass jungle!
But Kathleen has such beautiful fabrics I couldn't resist. I nabbed a couple of custom diaper slots and I'm hoping to order the Batik Frogs and the Fireflies - they are so nice!! I've been on an absolute diaper buying spree this week - I sure hope that pg test is positive this weekend!
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wow it looks fantastic!
congrats kathleen and i wish you lots of business and prosperity!

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Okay, I'm a dork, but I just bought a bunch of her resale diapers, can't beat those prices on a cuddlebun!

Kathleen, I need some of your time management skills. You are so amazing and have TWO little ones! I barely get to the post office, have a messy house and just have one little one.

Congratulations on the Grand Opening! I love the design of your site.
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