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Vancouver: April Showers Bring May Flowers...

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This is the thread for Lower Mainland mamas who like to chat online and meet in person. All local mamas are welcome here! Visitors are welcome to pop in too
. We are brought together by our passion for conscious/thoughtful/attachment/respectful/wholistic/natural parenting, not always agreeing on the path but agreeing to respectfully discuss, share and learn together.

We don't have regular meetings but we often meet at Science World (SW). In the summer we also meet at local parks sometimes. If you want to meet up with other mamas you can always suggest a get-together.

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Anyone know of a local source of snappis for prefold diapers - either store or Canadian online store?

Rhonda i love my dentist on 5th @Burrard. I'm not sure if he sees alot of kids. He has 2 kids himself and i will be taking Arlo there in 6 months for an intro. Here's the info; Monaghan David A Dr Inc
1808 5th Avenue West, Vancouver, BC V6J 1P3, Canada
(604) 734-8880

Lovely rainy day. Do the clocks spring forward tonight?

I'm feeling better. ds and dh are still feeling "off". What a nasty flu going around. Health and happy vibes to all you mamas.
Hello all!

A quick hello, on a rainy day where we're trying to catch up on housework/renos/decluttering and I seem to be procrastinating by checking mothering!!!!!! But I wanted to post a few responses to all the discussion going around!!!!

Ksenia - thanks so much for the intro, I wonder if we wanted to add something like "We are brought together by our passion for 'good','attachment','respectful','insert better phrase!' parenting, not always agreeing on the path but agreeing to respectfully discuss, share and learn together"! Also, now that we're getting into spring and summer, hopefully we can start up meeting at parks again!

Mastisis - I don't remember exactly what the brand of clay was, I think it was grey clay and Jamie bought it at Finlandia but I've also seen it at Gaia. I've had my share of mastisis, and have tried soaking in hot marshmallow root, covering with raw potato overnight, etc - all fine for minor inflamations, but not so much once it got worse. With the clay I could feel it actually drawing the infection out - just amazing! I've gotten mastisis from overdoing things, from wearing too tight bras and from getting my breast banged. I immediately go to bed, take ecchinaccea and drink lots of water, and take lots of hot hot shower, with massage to try to clear it out!!!!

Alternative remedies - pure lavender is great for bruises with broken skin, arnica is great for bruising/bumps without broken skin. We use tea tree oil for tonnes of stuff, and I second oregano oil. You actually don't need to get your kids to drink it, mix it in oil and rub on their feet and their bodies will absorb it. With colds we up our doses of garlic big time, we use a Children's winter health compound from Herb Pharm, cod liver oil, and then have hot baths with eucalyptus, thyme and lavendar essential oils.

Well doctor visits - unless you're following the suggested schedule for vaxing, I'm not sure it makes sense to do the 2, 4, 6 month well-baby visits. However, I do believe that if you're going to use a doctor or a naturopath consistantly for your family, that it is beneficial for them to see your kids when they're healthy and not just when you're concerned about something.

Battles with cat! - I think that it's two-fold, 1)teaching your child to respect cats and 2)keeping your cat and child safe. From my experience of toddlers, I think you may just need to focus on 2, and trust that as he grows, he'll learn! I think you could remove yourselves from the room that he is tormenting the cat, telling him why, without the time-out aspect. And I guess also make sure that the cat can always get away and hide if it wants!

Okay, I'm sure there were a billion other things that I wanted to comment on, but that's enough procrastination for now!!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!
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P.S. Oh, and you know, you don't actually have to post in the thread to get notice of activity - I often just use 'thread tools' and click 'subscribe' and you can either opt for email notices or not! Not that I don't want to encourage everyone to post, but sometimes you just don't have the energy, you know?!!!
Hi all,

I'm new to the area (living in North Van) and am looking for a good family doctor, or a good pediatrician and a good doctor for myself.

I have moved from the states and battled with my son's pediatrician there over vaccinations. I would like to avoid that battle here!

Ideally this doctor would be on the North Shore somewhere, since we are carless during the week, but I would travel out of my way to get someone good...


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Welcome Erin! In Canada, you don't take your babes to pediatricians for normal visits; peds are considered specialist here. I have a really nice AP, alternative friendly doc named Dr. Mazzarella, but he's in Vancouver, near Granville and 7th. PM if you want his contact info :)
Hi Erin, welcome!
I'll give you my awesome doctors name and number, on the offhand chance that she's taking new patients, but I don't think she is....worth a try anyway...

Nardia Strydom
not sure of the exact address, but it's at 8th and Laurel in van, with underground parking.

good luck!
Hey all,
I'm just poking up my head from the depths of some really wicked flu. I can't keep up with the thread these days so I'll just say hi!

PS - look up. The Finding Your Tribe forum is written backwards, I'm hoping the bright orange is just another April Fools trick too.
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Welcome Erin!!

Erica - I'm curious about where you get the children's winter health compound - is Herb Pharm - Finlandia?

I have wanted to try Oil of Oregano - is it safe while nursing? How about for infants? I like the idea of putting it on their feet.

Speaking of feet, has anyone here tried the -wet cotton socks covered with wool socks- while you sleep method for getting rid of a cold? How did you find it?

As for vaccinations in our family, we did the first DPT shots for dd because my dh was REALLY worried about pertussis. Fair enough. But we have not done anymore with her. With ds we have not done any, and at this point will continue to delay until we can get our hands on research that makes sense to both of us. Thanks for posting the links eper. I am always interested in reading info on both sides of the argument. Now I've just got to get me some time to do it
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I have snappis, I think 4 or so, that you can have if you like.

Hope everyone is well!
Subbing... thanks Ksenia

Eva, thank you for posting your links... I have looked through them. It is good to revisit our decisions periodically and especially inlight of the possibility of new information... so we can continue to have confidence in our choices or have opportunity to change our minds. I will refrain from commenting on the articles as I feel we could sideline the main discussion for a long time
as someone mentioned earlier perhaps that would be better left for the vax forum... so for now I will respectfully agree to disagree

we are in the midst of a spring clean and I just love it!! I love marking the change of seasons... putting away our winter gear and getting out all the spring stuff, gardening, tuning the lawnmowering... planning our landscaping... I want to get some flowers planted this week if we get a sunny afternoon

Malcolm is sick right now... so we are going to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie... I need him to rest up... its his birthday next weekend

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Originally Posted by Cedarmama
Erica - I'm curious about where you get the children's winter health compound - is Herb Pharm - Finlandia?

I have wanted to try Oil of Oregano - is it safe while nursing? How about for infants? I like the idea of putting it on their feet.
Hey Lisa! I got the compound at Choices, actually! And I know that Gaia Herbs has their own version as well. As for Oil of Oregano - it says on it that you shouldn't take it while nursing, but I do know some moms who do it anyways. I probably wouldn't give it to kids themselves until maybe 18months(and even then, just on their feet), but they're getting so much nutrition from you anyways!

It's so funny that I started an 'end of the world' discussion, I actually had not been in that frame of mind at all!!!!
I tend to not stress about the end of the world, or my mortality - rather I am determined to fully enjoy my life in the present so hopefully I have no regrets! Easier some days than others, but I've actually been feeling very positive lately, and amazed at how many incredible things people are doing to make the world a better place for others! Also, just coming to realize that there *must* be more to life than this rat race where J. is gone so much, so we're just starting to seek out other paths!

Speaking of which, I know that there had been some discussion here about intentional communities and I wanted to mention that there's a small group meeting for the first time this Fri, looking at setting one up near but not in Vancouver so if anyone wants any information, please just pm me!

Okay, off to a naughty nautical themed party, where we are dressed up in nautical knots.......ahhhhhhhhhhh, I kill me!
Have a great night!
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Subbing... no time to read through yet.

Btw, Snappis can be found at Discount diapers in Van./Langley/Richmond.

Originally Posted by lllmomma
I have snappis, I think 4 or so, that you can have if you like.
Thanks so much Rhonda - I already ordered some...desperate to cross some easy ones off my list
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subbing, dont forget to spring forward everyone!!!

Cedarmama, oil of oregino can dry up milk.
I am looking into using grape seed extract, or olive leaf extract instead while bf'ing.
i just need to do some more research.
another interesting site that has a little info on herbs and bf'ing is here

i am really interested in learning more about herbs for healing. Does anyone have a favorite book on natural health/healing?
Subbing - I am not there yet, but we are waiting to hear from the consulate about our application for permanent residence - I hope by keeping up with the thread I will get to "know" some of you and create community once we get there.

Hopefully sometime this year!
Favorite Herbal/Healing Books

Paul Pitchford's Healing With Whole Foods - Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition (love love love this book!!)

Dr. Andrew Lockie's Family Guide to Homeopathy

I like to modify the 3 part cleanse in Letha Hadady's Asian Health Secrets (lots of other goodies in here if you're interested in Chinese Medicine at all)

Susun Weed's Herbals (which reminds me mine is on loan).

It's been years since i really was into this but this is also a book i loved;The Yoga of Herbs - An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine by Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Vasant Lad

Someone asked about essential oils in the March thread......i'm not super educated on this and would love to hear other recommendations but i do have and occassionally use The Art of Aromatherapy by Robert Tisserand
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