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Vancouver Mom and Babe get together

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I didn't put a date in the title, because I don't know what date would work best for everyone this week, with the holiday. Thursday is fine for me, or Friday.
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Thursday is good for me. I'm thinking that Friday will be a busy day everywhere.
I'll post here, too.

If this is re: Maplewood Farm, then I think Friday would be too crowded, as kids are off school. But, any day is fine with me.

Oh - and I just remembered - they have a goat milking demo at 1:15 daily.
Maplewood farms would be really fun for me, but I think Cora is a bit young, probably this summer we will start going. It's a bit far for us, since she would be just as entertained by our cat
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Good point. DD loves it, but ds2 is still a little young. Mind you, he does seem to get a kick out of it when dd feeds the ducks, and they all crowd around his stroller...and he loved the peacock two weeks ago - the first time I've seen it with its tail spread out.
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I don't think anyone's planned for today, it looks like. I'm free so can meet up.
Sorry I've spaced out, my MIL and BIL are here from I can't make it today. also, starting in May I won't be available on Fridays...
I'll be busy watching 2 kids plus Rachael, so that I can teach and so that thier dad can teach. A very nice llittle swap we've worked out, but unfortunately it's friday...
possible to meet on another day once we're in May? Thursday?
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