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Various things FSOT~ ADDED MORE ~ band in a box~ Mei Tai ~ craft stuff!

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I found some more stuff :LOL
*2 lg. packages of dried flowers $4
*2 sm packages of dried flowers $2
*2 'mica magic' stamp pads $4 (these are so pretty! )
*2 pairs of dr martins shoes in sz Y 3-4
*Sz 6 & 10 ~5 pk dpn's N I P bamboo

*Band in a box made by First Act~tambourine, hermonica, spoons, 2 eggs,fishie w/ stick , kazoo w/ book. we have 2 of these sets and only need 1 ~Is new in box~ $14 NOT PPD
*sz 8 converse $8 PPD
*Mei Tai ~ ABC carrier ~ bought from another momma here...we just don't really use it
*2 tie dye rec. blankets...In EC
*old school vans 2 1/2 $8

sold!*All organic turtle $5
traded!*Hemp bear $6 PPD
sold!*wooden rattle $4 PPD
sold!*tortoise playsilk 36 x 36 $6 PPD
sold!*hemp and wool moon teether $2PPD
sold!*xs daisy doodle sling $6PPD
sold!*colorful hemp octopus $7
sold!*turtle puzzle$6

Pictures and better descriptions can be seen here...

All items are PPD to the usa except the band in a box!
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My ISO ~

*Moss Feet shoes in 12-18 mo gn or boyish~ I would love to have turtles
*Tye dye/ organic/ handpainted clothes in 24 mo-2t & 5/6
*" "" "" "" " momma tees in sz med.
*wooden toys~ vehicles, animals etc
*organic fabrics
*34 c /34 d all cotton with underwire bra's for me in colors (yellow blue brown etc. ) to wear under tank tops. DS says I look silly with my white straps showing :LOL
*m/l soaker/shorts ~especially solid red
*mammamade kesibaby med. diapers
*pwp elfin unders
*darling diapers med. aio's
*muttugin os diapers
I'm sure there's more
try me
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I really reduced the prices on everything! Atleast by $2
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Kimba~ are you still interested in the mei tai? I just reduced it!
Id love the Hemp bear for Gabriel

What are you willing to trade for???
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Ms.Doula~ my iso is above....
or what's ya got :LOL
I'll custom dye you up a Tshirt for a little one.... for the bear.
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Is the band in a box still available? does that include shipping?? sorry if you already posted this.
lunamomma~ I'm pm'ing you

eta: your box is full....lmk and i'll send the pm to you
I was thinking $2 for shipping
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