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Vasectomy Info?

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Anyone have any info on vasectomies...long term effects, side-effects, etc...? We are finished having babies and would like perminent birth control, but I am hearing a vasectomy might not be our best choice. Someone mentioned protein build up from excess sperm production...anyone know about this? Any info/articles would be appreciated!

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I don't know anything about it--but I'm hoping someone responds with info since my dh has talked about it and I'm not interested in him going under the knife for anything--even if it is a very common surgery!
Someone, anyone know anything/??
DH has a vas in December. He did get an inflamed epididymous (sp?), which apparently happens 1 in 20, so his recovery was a little longer. Seven uncomfortable days instead of 2. He still went back to work, though.

EVERY SINGLE DAD at my Daughter's preschool got a vas in the last three years. Kind of funny, actually. I will note that of ALL the husbands I know who've had it, DH is the only one that had any issues. Another guy had to get his redone on one side, though. All of the wives have said their DH's didn't have any "long term side effects", if you know what I mean. I don't know about protein build up.

I did not suggest a vas to my husband. He volunteered and I am extremely grateful for him taking one for the team. That said, we have three children and knew that was enough for us.
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