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Vasectomy questions-what type of doc?

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Forgive me if this is elsewhere, but my internet connection intermittent and I want to post before it goes down again. I'll search to see if it's already posted somewhere.

Dh is looking into a vasectomy. I called the family practice doc to get an appt for him for a sore throat and mentioned that we also want a referral for a vas. The scheduler said that one of the docs does it in the office.

So, my question- for those of you who have had a vas- what type of doc did it? A urologist or family practice doc? Would you recommend something like this from a family practice doc? Dh is very against it and wants the referral to a specialist (I think I'm with him on this one), but I wanted to get some feedback.

Thanks so much.
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You see a urologist. That is who I would og to.

I'm not sure I've heard of a gp doing it in office. Dh's vas doc did it in office. It was only a 10 dollar co-pay.
I would strongly encourage your husband to go to a urologist. When you hear or read about the "horror" stories many, if not most, of them are not done by a urologist. My dh was done in office at a urologist. A urologist does far more of them than a family practitioner. He will be better prepared for the what ifs. He will be more skilled.
My dh is having second thoughts about having a vasc. His appointment with the urologist for the procedure is next week. He has read some "horror" stories on the web. We have 4 kids and we are DONE. But can't come up with a better solution. Very interested in the answers to your posting. But we are ONLY considering using a specialist.
We were supposed to be done at 2, ds2 was a surprise and I figure if we really want mroe kids down the line, we can look into adoption. I'm a really bad pregnant person and my 3rd was the hardest pg and birth (ended up w/csection after 2 non-medicated vag births).

Anyway, I was thinking a specialist was the way to go and was very surprised when they said they will do a vas at the FP. If they won't give dh a referral to a specialist, we'll change primary care to someone who will give the referral.

Thanks for the info and if anyone has anything else to share, please do.
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