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I'm really feeling motivated to do something about the whole vax issue. I'd really like to get a group together in my area and either hand out info to Dr's or stand outside dr's offices and have a little "rally" or such. But I don't know where to start? I've never organized nor attended anything like this. Right now it's just an idea in my head. I do know that I have to do SOMETHING. Armed with the information I have about vaccinations, I feel that if I don't at least TRY the public aware, that I'm being selfish or something? I just want to do whatever I can to STOP parents from vaccinating before they fully research them and the risks associated. I've heard way to many horrible stories, deaths, and Pedi's being uneducated on the risks and not making their patients aware.

Ok end of rant. But can someone point me in the right direction? Is there state laws that prevent me from doing something like this? (I live in WA state) ANy advise or info, links, etc would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Another WA state resident.

But, I'm on the other side of the state (you do know there is life east of the Cascades, don't you?
hee-hee-hee!) near the eastern border.

Good for you on wanting to make folks aware of this subject!

Personally, I'd skip the whole idea about "educating" doctors about vaccines. Your voice isn't going to carry anywhere near the weight of the pharma reps that have free access to their offices. You won't get past the front desk.

And, a "rally" outside an office could constitute trespassing. Make sure you know what the law is before you gather!

I've always found that picket signs and protesters come across as whack-jobs and I tend to tune them out and ignore anything they say!

Now, have you thought about contacting your local papers and asking they do a story about real people and their choices for not vaccinating? Have several names you can give them (and, it would be a big help if at least a couple of those people have "mainstream" jobs and higher education degrees). Yes, that sounds terrible, but college-graduates with regular jobs get better responses as far as other people listening than would someone that is a totally crunchy granola working in a health food store!

Read the letter (over in the Vaccinations forum) I wrote to the superintendent of schools in Washtucna. The school nurse there was quoted in a Spokesman-Review (the Spokane paper) article lying about the requirements to be vaccinated or the students could not attend school.
: Contact him/her (the sup's name is Chris, could be either a man or a woman!) and complain, as well! Here is the link to the S-R article:

PM me if you want the superintendent's name and email address.

Another idea to contact a newspaper (or, news station, radio or TV), and suggest an article on the actual dangers of vaccines. Offer them the information, scientific articles from respected journals like JAMA or Lancet and from our very own and wonderful (
: ) CDC and NIH. Skip the ones from some of the more radical websites. Contact lawyers that handle vaccine-injury claims. Try to find the names of vax-friendly doctors (MDs, not chiropractors) and ask them beforehand if they would be willing to discuss the dangers of vaccines with a reporter, if an article or report is a real possibility. A great name would be the director of public health. They would HAVE to tell the truth regarding the law honoring exemptions (and, maybe they could explain why it is so difficult to find out about exemptions on the state's public health website
: )!!!

ALWAYS have the referral person's permission BEFORE their name is given to ANYONE!!

You want to come across as intelligent and appeal to the mainstream. That's important. Mainstream people need to hear from reputable and reliable sources, ones that they recognize as "normal". Nevermind that most of the folks that don't vax have done waaaaaaaaay more research than those that don't, and know waaaaaaaaay more about both the diseases and the vaccines.

Mainstream folks don't care. They don't want to be told they haven't researched when they think trusting their doctors IS researching!! Afterall, doctors couldn't (and, wouldn't) give vaccines if they weren't safe, and they've gone to school for all those years and they see these diseases and, and, and....
You get the idea!

The reasons for not vaccinating should be about the dangers of the ingredients (aside from thimerosal. Mention aluminum, formaldahyde (sp?), animal ingredients, fetal cell lines, etc..), about the overblown warnings about such mild illnesses as chicken pox being turned into dangerous diseases only since a vaccine was created, about how testing of vaccines is too-often carried out in far away countries where problems do not make the US media, about the fact that this IS still a free country and that people should be allowed respect for decisions based on religious beliefs, about the medical profession needing to actually acknowledge and discuss the very real downsides of vaccines during those routine 20-minute well-child checks instead of blowing their patients off (there is actually an AAP brochure about how to use fear-mongering in order to coerce their patients into vaccinating!).

Are there any people in your aquaintance that have a vaccine-damaged child? One that they have legal PROOF was damaged by a vaccine? ((Our son had his reaction right in the doctor's office, within 30 seconds of receiving 6 vaccines. The acknowledge reaction is in his medical record.)) Someone that says a vaccine caused something months later will not come across as anything but someone that needs to find a blame for something out of their control. NO, I am not saying this doesn't happen, but the mainstream public WILL.

Anyway, that's a start. And, with the school year just around the corner, this could be a GREAT time to add additonal public awareness. The whole "back-to-school-does-your-child-need-their-shots? campaign will be starting. Especially with Washington state now mandating the chicken pox vaccine for school entry.

Go for it!

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WOW thank you thank you thank you Grahamsmom! I'm visiting with family right now, but when we go back home, I seriously want to get started on this. I have lots of questions already, so once I get back, if you wouldn't mind I'd love to ask you some! You seem to know a lot about this. Have you done something similar before?

Dahlia, where are you if you don't mind me asking? Like I said above, I'm visiting with family (my mom and brother) and they live east of Seattle in Snohomish. Do you know where that is? Gosh I've been here for awhile now (trying to get some time away from dh
) with nothing to do! I'm not really familiar with this area so I don't know where anything is or if there are any cool moms here!

I'm so glad that both of you are willing to help! I'd really like to get something in motion. I live in a small town right now, so I think it would get a lot of notice if I had something in the paper. Anyway, I will be mentally working on this until I get back home and then I can focus on getting something started. If any other WA mommies are interested, let me know!!
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