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VB AIO question.......

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Does anyone know if the wahm's who make VB's use aplix or touchtape? I have a few from Sunshine and I like whatever is on her diapers.

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Well it's hard, I suppose if you aren't familiar with both types. Aplix is very soft. Touchtape is stiffer. The loop side of Touchtape is fuzzy, it's hard to see the loops and the hook part is scratchier. Aplix loop isn't fuzzy really, you can see the actual loops. Aplix hook is waaay softer than Touchtape. But touchtape is stronger, so it's kind of a personal preference thing.
Thanks for all the help! (I had forgotten that I even posted this question
) I didn't have a clue as to how to tell the difference, but it sounds like they are aplix. Now I can make my order!
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*LOL*.. I noticed that touch tape is VERY stiff when sewn on.. even after a couple of months of use, it's still stiff enough to make a popping soudn when you bend it. Aplix though, softens up and conforms better once it's been washed.
Personally, we found aplix to "belly scratch" far less often than touch tape because it bends when the baby bends instead of staying stiff and digging into a belly.

I wish there was a cross between them.. soft and pliable like the aplix.. but stronger like the touch tape.

Oh.. if you ever have problems with your aplix foldback tabs not being strong enough and coming undone in the was, get a little loop touch tape just to use for foldback laundry tabs.. makes a world of difference.

I made mine with touchtape and it does seem to be a bit stiff, even after alot of washes.
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