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Vbac Activists Needed!

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I live in a community that no longer supports VBACs. The OB's in the largest medical clinic decided to ask the only hospital in town to stop allowing VBACs, based on the ACOG's new guidelines. And in August 2003 they stopped. Even the midwives are no longer allowed to accept VBAC patients if they are to birth in the hospital. Homebirth midwives are no longer backed up by local OB's because everyone's ability to do VBACs has been removed. The latest news from the hospital is that the anesthesiologists are refusing to give epi's to women who walk in as VBAC patients (who have signed the Against Medical Advice form).
So, aside from finding care that I am happy with (I am due in March), I really want to change the world, or at least my small corner of it.
Has anyone joined forces and protested the end of VBACs?
I am just looking for direction and support.
I am ready to fight!
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Homebirth midwives are no longer backed up by local OB's because everyone's ability to do VBACs has been removed.
So plan homebirth without ob backup... or go unassisted! Then when everything goes wonderfully perfect for you, write letters, lots of them! Quote sources on the safety of homebirth, the safety of vbac, the lies surrounding the perceived risks, etc.

Contact your closest ICAN chapter.
I just wanna throw up every time I read a story like yours!
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After reading between my OB's lines-realizing he was saying what he knew I wanted to hear-that I could VBAC, I chose a licensed midwife for a home waterbirth. We could not find a Dr. in our area to sign the state's release form for the VBAC. I ended up driving 2 hours to meet with an OB that told me he wouldn't recommend home VBAC but that he wouldn't stand in my way and he signed the paper. He said that he still does VBAC's (the fetal monitors on the moms at the hospital are shown on screens in his office while he sees patients) but that when something does go wrong, he will get sued and he will have to stop because of the guidelines. He did say that in 20 years he hasn't ever had a bad VBAC outcome.
So we had our baby in the water at home without backup, but our paperwork was in order. If I had needed to transfer I just would have gotten whoever was on call in the ER. Our baby needed oxygen right after the birth, but was fine after about 20 minutes.
Maybe a midwife in your area knows of a good paper-signing DR?
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Thank you both for your advice. I have met with homebirth midwives (without OB backup for a VBAC) and they seemed a little nervous about taking me as a patient. They said they would do it, but they are not accepting other VBAC clients. They requested that everything be kept a complete secret and in the case of emergency, they would not be able to transfer with me. I think I have a harder time with the secretive aspect. I think the real problem in my case is that if anything were to go wrong, the midwives could lose their licenses if anyone found out they were associated with me. As far as I know, there are not any midwives who practice completely alone, with no backup. I'll keep my ears open. I may have to travel as 3 little birds suggested.
I am trying to organize a local pro-VBAC group and I've given my number to my previous midwife to share with any others who feel as outraged as I do. So far, I've had one call in the one day since she took my number so I'm feeling encouraged!
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I was reading your post and remembered that I too initially had trouble getting midwives to take me on. One would only do VBAC at the hospital with a fetal monitor and one (who wouldn't stop crunching on whatever she was eating while she was talking to me) had a sort of half-hearted attitude-I could tell she wasn't interested. I found my totally awesome midwife through She was actually a student when I emailed her. When I finally got fed up with my OB I contacted her again. She lived 45 minutes away but had graduated and she was really and truly everything I could have ever hoped for.
My towns hospital is a "zipper factory" with an incredibly high cesarean rate, so I am driving an hour to get to a hospital that will still allow VBACs (have birthing suites with hottubs and a birthing tub room). My OB group still practices VBACS, thought they had to dissect themselves from the midwife group because of changes in policy and malpratice insurance. The same increasing hostiltiy exists here. For example, Portlands Ballard house would not let me labor and deliver there (even tho they are right next to my hospital) because i am a VBAC. I beleive that if I suceed with this VBAC and go on to have another child - my accaptance rate so to say would increase. But it was rather discouraging that I had to choose my practitioner in a backwards fashion - find the hospital first, then see roster and then compare with my insurance. Fortunatly I found a great group with three supportive OBs. The hospital is wonderful as well - very liberal - All the choices are mine!
I'll do anything on this end to support VBAC moms!
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I have found a lovely little birth center that still does vbac's and is right next to a hospital that backs them up. It is only 40 minutes away, not too bad. Sadly, I'm afraid my HMO will not cover any of the expense because it is out of network. They would rather pay for a c/section than a non-medical vaginal birth. CRAZY!!! I get so frustrated with the whole birth scene. I want to focus my energy and try to make change, but it is so hard to figure out who to fight (local dr's, local hospital, insurance, ACOG). It shouldn't be this hard to have a baby! Arghhhh!
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