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VBAC after 18 months

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I had my daughter ( May 29, 2003) by c-section after being transferred to the hospital from home. Now I am pregnant again and due in January 05 I have heard that if you are pregnant again sooner than eighteen months after a c-section it can be more risky . I am planning to try a home birth with my next baby and would love to hear about any success stories that are similar to my situation.
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

There is a thread at the bottom of this page or at the top of page 2 called HOW SOON CAN YOU VBAC? that is about this very issue. There are several success stories there and if you would like to read more you could join ICANs online support group that can be found by going to Yahoo groups and typing in ICAN-Online.

Here is some info that I found and posted on that other thread: In the Midwifery Today issue #57 "Cesarean Prevention/VBAC" there is an article that says "A recent study showed that rates of uterine rupture are 3.0 times higher when the trial of labor is less than 18 months after the cesarean, suggesting that good scar integrity requires adequate time for healing before the next pregnancy (Shipp et al.2001)".

There will also be some actual statistics at on the uterine scar rupture page that might be useful to you.
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Just a bit of anecdotal info -- One of my first clients that I ever attended wound up with a c/sect for fetal distress (which I still question the validity, but it is not my place to question). A year later she got in touch with me and told me that she was expecting and was due, as it turned out, 2 days before I was due with my 3rd. She went on to give birth to a beautiful baby girl, almost 2 lbs heavier than her first (tho size was never an issue mentioned during her first "birth") at home.... EXACTLY 13 months to the day from the birth of her first child.

Optimal maternal health -- eating well, proper excerise and rest play a huge factor in the risk (or lack thereof) of UR. Best wishes for the birth your peanut in the New Year.
Everything I've read says 18 mos between births, not pregnancies. My ds was born May 27, 2003 and I'm due Dec. 16th. My DR is very supportive of my VBAC and I'm excited. He gave me a 1-3% quote when talking about ruptures, but I think that's a bit high in a normal, unmedicated birth. Good luck!
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