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VBAC-friendly doc in Broward?

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Preferably a Perinatalogist?

I'm thinking about ttc and will need a high risk doc, and I'm terrified of having a repeat c/s. If anyone can point me in the direction of a doc who might be easy to work with I'd appreciate it.
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I'd call the midwives at A Loving Start in Hallandale. One of them, Deborah, is married to a OB. She was my MW and when I ended up with a cesarean, her husband did it for me. They are a great resource!
Here's their website:
Thank you so much! I'll get in contact with them later in the week.
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My doula (Lorie McCoy with Amazing Births) has Gil Aronson, MD in Hollywood listed as VBAC friendly on her website ( and I don't know where you are in Broward, but supposedly Women's Healthcare Associates in Boca (so nearby if you are in N Broward) is also supposedly VBAC friendly. I don't know if they are also perinatologists. Good luck.
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