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VBAC in or near Fairfax?

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I am trying to help a friend find a VBAC-supportive doc or midwife for a hospital birth. She is in Fairfax. Any suggestions?
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From my most resent experience earlier in the year, your friend is out of luck.
FYI -- Fairfax INOVA hospital is so pro-c/s I was told not to step foot in there.

I opted for a homebirth for my VBAC due to the unavailability of hospital options.

Hospitals require EFM 24hours on a VBAC mama, now how is one suppose to handle labor pain without moving! Then you get the epidural, your labor slows and they can't give you pit so you go in for your next c/s.

Loudoun Community Midwives could have seen me if I had had only 1 c/s. So they might be an option, they work at Loudoun County Hospital.

PM me is she is interested in a homebirth with a midwife.
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