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VBAC protest in southeast MA

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Hello Mamas!
A women's birthing rights issue recently came up in Southeast Ma. Our hospital group has banned VBAC's (vaginal birth after cesarean) from all three hospitals! Now a woman who wants to give birth naturally will be denied that option if she's already had a c-section. Even if she's had a successful VBAC... all future births will be mandatory cesarean.

Hospitals should not be allowed to take safe birth options away from women!
Unfortunately, these types of policies are becoming all too common around the US right now and we need to do something to fight it. In order to preserve a woman's right to choose the best birthing option for herself...her body, her baby and her family.... we need to get this policy reversed.

Please join us on June 30th at 6pm in front of Toby Hospital in Wareham, MA. We will be protesting this new policy... we need as much support as possible in order to make an impression on the hospital administrators.
Below I've attached the letter I've been emailing. If anyone would like a copy of the flyer, please contact me at [email protected].


Hi everyone!

First, I'd like to say thanks again to all of you who showed your support at the first VBAC rally on May 27th. As a first step, it was a great success!! Our protest definitely made an impression on the hospital group. Now, it is essential to keep the pressure on!!

Thank you to all those women who shared their stories personally with me and to those of you who wrote public letters expressing your outrage and support. This gives me hope that we can get this decision reversed.

I want you all to know that the local medical professionals, including doctors and midwives, are on our side. They urge me to keep this issue alive. As we know, Southcoast Hospital group did not base their decision on medical evidence.. therefore, they are able to turn a deaf ear to the advice of their medical staff. Therefore, it is up to us, the community, and sadly, the consumers, to put an end to this policy. A woman's right to safe, natural birth options should not be based on money or fear.

Attached is a flyer with information on the next protest. My goal is to hold a protest once a month... while also keeping the pressure on through letter writing and phone calls. Anyone interested in helping should contact me by email. I encourage you to print out this flyer... share it with friends and post it everywhere!

I will see you all on June 30th!!!

In peace and solidarity,
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That is HORRIBLE!!!

Are there any birth centers or homebirth providers in the area that will take VBACS? I hope so!

Good luck!
thank you, we need it.

there is one local homebirth midwife, no free standing birth centers. The closest place for a woman to have a VBAC is in Providence... 45 minutes away... or Boston 60 minutes away. It's crazy.
Wow, can they do that? What is their reasoning? Is there anything people who don't live in MA can do?
I believe there is a free standing birth center in Somerset. It was there 3 years ago when I was pregnant but I never checked it out. It's run by Women & Infants so my insurance wouldn't cover it (because it was out of RI).

Also, I highly recommend Jordan Hospital in Plymouth if anyone around here wants a hospital birth. It's the same distance as Providence (about 40 min from my house). They were excellent when I had my daughter. I guess I was really lucky to have found them because I don't have many complaints about the way my dd birth was handled. They have a birthing pool too!
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