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vbac question!!!!!

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A quick (hopefully) question for you:

With my recent pregnancy (1st babe) I completely dilated and pushed for 2 hrs. She was "sunnyside up" so not moving down (I also had an epidural...NOW regret).....anyway, I have heard mixed things on whether vbacs are most sucsessful in women who have not dilated/pushed??? Is this true? My OB said that I would be a great candidate, but as I mentioned I've heard mixed stories.....any info would be great!
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Your situation was unique to that pregnancy because your daughter was in a position that can possibly be avoided the next time you are pregnant. As well you know more now and are aware that an epidural makes it potentially harder to push out a malpositioned baby because you are stuck in one position.

Have faith in your body to do what its supposed to do!
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