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I wanted to put these websites out there, so hopefully they will help
someone searching for info. but not knowing where to find it! Everyone else please feel free to add any websites you may have also!

Finding a Doula or Midwife: - Nurse Midwives - Citizens For Midwifery - CAPPA - International Volunteer Doulas - Doulas of North America - VBAC Hostile and Friendly Hospitals & Midwives - Questions to Ask Possible Birth Attendant

Websites on the Safety of VBAC:,00.html - A closer look at the 2002 JAMA study - Summary of the 4 largest VBAC/Cesarean Studies - Info on uterine rupture

Finding Your Own Studies:

After the Cesarean: - Nursing after a cesarean - Emotional Recovery from a Cesarean - Birthrites - Healing After A Cesarean - ICAN chapters around the USA

General Info. About Cesareans and VBACs: - Midwives Archives (ICAN/VBAC/CSEC) - Int'l Cesarean Awareness Network - Birthlove - VBAC is Safe! - VBAC after 2 or more cesareans

Planning Your VBAC: - cesarean info in the interest of prevention - uterine exercise for a thin uterus - Pain in Labor Doesnt Have to be Intolerable - Risks of Epidurals - Online Childbirth Class - Why Consider A VBAC? - VBAC checklist - another checklist from ICAN - Things You Can Do to Avoid an Unnecessary Cesarean - VBAC and Induction: Help or Hindrance? - Cesarean and VBAC FAQ - Preventing A Herpes Flareup - more about herpes and birth - Perineal Tear Prevention - Avoiding Tears - Get through Childbirth In One Piece! - Pushing positions - Optimal Fetal Positioning - Correcting your babies position - email support list for homebirth after cesarean

Random Articles: - Infant Mortality, VBAC and Cesarean Rates - VBAC: Primer For Success - Listening to Mothers Survey - Care In Normal Birth* - A VBAC Primer: Technical Issues For Midwives - Planning A Good Cesarean - Interpretation of the Electronic Fetal Heart Rate During Labor - Assault on Normal Birth-the OB Disinformation Campaign - Elective Cesarean is Riskier than VBAC for Moms and Babies

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Thank you thank you thank you!! I am just starting to want another child and have been made to realize that I may have a hard time doing a vaginal birth since I had to have a c-section with my daughter. The birth center and some hospitals here in my area, I've just heard, won't do vbacs at all, have to do c-sections. I really really really don't want another c-section and am doing my research now before I get pregnant. What a great place to get started!!

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The Pink Kit - vital to VBACers!
Explains using a birth ball during pg and labour. Great info.
John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, Australia - an example of typical protocols and procedures for labouring women in a hospital setting. A good introduction into exactly what various procedures in the hospital system entail. These are instructions for staff on how to perform vaginal examinations, amniotomy etc. Includes how consent is sought from the woman.
This site is a collection of the thoughts, research, experiences, and opinions of the owner of this domain. It is not especially "radical" or "alternative", but it does definitely tend toward the belief that childbirth is a natural, normal physiological process and that medical interventions, while sometimes necessary, should be kept to a minimum where childbirth is concerned.
The Active Birth Centre, UK, the body knows best how to birth.
An excellent discussion of Optimal Foetal Positioning. More absolutely vital information.

Research tools - be a truly informed consumer
Choices for Childbirth link. An independent information group supporting women & their partners to make informed choices about the birth of their babies. Contact Di for more information or for bookings email [email protected] Melbourne, Australia
European Midwives site. Stories, research and links from all over the world.. They advocate a woman-centred, evidence-based approach to birth.
Homebirth web site UK - written by an Australian woman. Very good practical info plus references.
Information on choosing a birth setting. US but internationally applicable information and studies.
Maggie Banks on reclaiming midwifery.
Provides support and resources for midwives, childbirth educators and expectant parents.
Information, resources and support for empowering child birth. A site for parents and alternative birth professionals. Links to Ina May Gaskin's work.
If we want to create a less violent world, we must begin with the "primal period"
Professional journal - the heart and science of midwifery. International links to articles, conferences, education. Unmissable!
Community midwifery programme Fremantle, Western Australia.
Midwifery research database. United Kingdom but applicable internationally.
Cochrane database of research. The Centre aims to promote the equitable provision of effective health care in Australasia by facilitating the preparation and maintenance of systematic reviews and their dissemination and application to influence service provision and clinical practice.
British medical journal. Free electronic subscription to your choice of articles.
Books for parents, midwives, doulas, birth attendants on health, birth and related topics. Also an online forum.
Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services... at the forefront of the childbirth movement for more than forty years. Working towards normal birth, providing independent support and information about maternity choices and raising awareness of current research on childbirth and related issues. Database of articles on all aspects of pregnancy and birth.
Maternity Wise is the US Maternity Centre Association's long-term national program to promote evidence-based maternity care. "Evidence-based maternity care" means using the best research about the safety and effectiveness of specific tests, treatments, and other interventions to help guide maternity care decisions.
International Cesarean Awareness Network & VBAC Information This is a collection of fact sheets and information put out by the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) and other sources. Information includes how to prevent an unnecessary cesarean, Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), how to find resources in your community, information about ICAN, and how to become a part of ICAN.

Birth educators and activists and midwives
Melbourne home birth network for parents, doulas, birth attendants and midwives. Lots of links to all over the world as well as within Australia.
Jeannine Parvati Baker and Family invites you to know conscious and healthy parenting as a spiritual path. This web site explores and affirms the value of Conscious Conception, Prenatal Yoga, Free Birth, Gentle Parenting, Home Education, Lotus Birth, Home Business, Herbal Health, Gender Balance, Eco-Activism, EarthBirth and much more.
Childbirth educator and activist.
Ina May Gaskin - writer, activist, innovator, midwife.
International links to training for doulas and birth educators.
Pioneering and influential birth information.
Lina's Clerke's site - Melbourne birth educator.
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond web site run by independent midwife, Jane Palmer. Loads of great pregnancy info and links.
Essays by Sarah Buckley, pro-natural birth and parenting doctor in Brisbane.
Michel Odent's site.
Natural Pg and Birth site
Gentle birth information.
Midwives in Private Practice - Melbourne, Australia
Exploring the sacred feminine with Elizabeth Davis.
Rhea Dempsey, birth educator and attendant. Melbourne, Australia
Janet Balaska's active birth site.
ACE - Associates in Childbirth Education.

Water birth
International waterbirth site
Videos and information on water birth in home, hospital and birth centres.

Support and Advocacy and Recovery
Melbourne's home birth support network for families, women, midwives, doulas and birth attendants past and present. Includes Accessing Artemis for women recovering from birth trauma.
Australian information and advocacy for mums and babies in the health care system plus links to groups all over Australia.
Australian. Loads of useful links. Includes info on recovering from traumatic birth. Very empowering. Encouraging of a consumer-type attitude to your health care.
A US community site organised around improving women's access to midwifery.
Cesarean and Traumatic Birth Support ~A site for women who want to truly heal spiritually and emotionally after a difficult birth experience
A site by, for and about those born by c-sec.
International site on postnatal depression also known as postpartum depression.
New Zealand site on traumatic birth and recovery - PTSD and PND.
Online support for home birth after caeserean birth
Kitzinger on birth trauma.
Petition and declaration on the rights of birthing women.
A US site devoted to improving women's experience in birth. Excellent for birth trauma.
Healing the Temple Door - a guided meditation on healing from rape which can also be excellently employed in recovering from birth trauma.

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I have a bit of a bizzar case in that I have had 2 c/s and 2vbacs.... my first birth was a c/s due to malpositioning, my next 2 were perfectly normal deliveries (quite good actually) and my 4th was a c/s after battling through labour with the chicken pox. I really want to know if another vbac is possible for me, but I'm finding it difficult to find someone to ask due to my unique cirmstances ..... can you recomend any links to this end?

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The amount of info in this thread is amazing. I had 2 vaginal hospital deliveries and my 3rd daughter was recently stillborn, delivered via emergency c-section. I started browsing here, wondering what the future would hold if we should have another baby and I now have info to discuss with my doctor at my appt next week for which I am grateful. Thanks, mamas!

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I didn't see it in the lists (apologies if I missed it!) but there's a great site that pulls together the international scholarly literature on VBAC by year and provides not only the citation information but a short summary in "lay terms". It's a wonderful tool when you need some "hard science" to share with a doctor or relative...

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Hi there,

Some people have asked about using ultrasound to measure the thickness of the part of the uterus around the c/s scar before attempting VBAC. I have amassed a list of links to abstracts from several studies on the subject. You might want to use the list when talking with your dr./midwife about doing this measurement. The list is in this thread (5th post down) ...

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Originally Posted by Megs Mom View Post
elvish, see this post of mine.
Thanks for that

What I was noticing was that a lot of the links in the OP (specifically, the ICAN links) seem to be broken. I'm off to peruse the site to see if I can find new links...
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