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Little Moya was VBACed into the world on Thursday, September 25. Yay! She has a full head of hair and is every bit as cute as her big sister was.
During transition, I kept wondering if it was too late for drugs (and I knew it was) or too late for a C-sec (and I knew it was). Actually, up until 9cm, the pain (and until about 6-7 cm it really was "discomfort") was quite bearable. I even took a nap when I was "stuck" at 7. Yay, HypnoBirthing! Anyway, we are both fine. Now, the hard part: the next 18 years.

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Welcome Moya

Congrats Julie on your VBAC!

I had a VBAC in June and I felt I could handle the pain until that last centemeter too. Luckily it only took me about 5 minutes to go from 9-10 cm, but man it was the longest 5 minutes of my life!
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Hoooray!!! And CONGRATS!
I love hearing stories like yours!

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