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VBACs in Alabama (Tuscaloosa, but willing to travel)

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We are going to be moving to Tuscaloosa this May and I am trying to figure out VBAC policies there. I had a section in August 2004 and just had a very easy successful VBAC in January 2007. We aren't planning on getting pregnant anytime soon, but we will probably end up pregnant sometime in the time we will be living there, so I need to figure things out. I have thought about a homebirth and might be open to that option. Are there any birth centers there? Anyway, thanks!

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I'm not sure as I'm not yet a mama, but there is a alabama-moms group ( and maybe someone there could answer you!!

GL and I would love to see you in Tuscaloosa as I'm from there~
I had an unmedicated VBAC in B'ham 9 years ago with my 4th child. I think it depends more on the Dr. or midwife that you choose than the hospital . Since you've already had a successful VBAC, I think it would be a little easier to convince a Dr. to let your next also be one.
I also live in tuscaloosa. I'm not sure about the actual policies here, but I do know that the local hospitals have a pretty high c-sec. rate. There are no cnm's here, nor are there any birth centers, so if you use a midwife it will be a homebirth. In alabama midwifery is illegal, but there are many midwives practicing and i know of at least one that will come to tuscaloosa. I'm pretty sure most would do vbacs, but you would just have to ask around.
Mostly it has to do with the Dr you use... but often the hospital wont allow it. I know i have heard good things from Northport hospital.. At least listening to the women..but i dont know about a VBAC.
BUt i do think northport would be a better bet than tuscaloosa...

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