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Veg-Friendly Doctor in Buffalo?

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haha, i'm asking around for a doctor for my sister, but she doesnt know i'm doing this!
she is 18 and lives in buffalo. she is almost done with her freshman year of college. she lives at home. she has been vegetarian since the summer (i think, i dont talk to her too much). i think she recently went vegan or close to vegan. she goes to school full time, runs 7+ miles a day (she's training for a marathon), lifeguards 3 days a week, and also babysits. she *looks* physicaly tired. my sister gained some weight this year and has been eating salads with tempeh to lose weight (according to my mom).
she went to her pediatrician yesterday to have her check what is wrong with her. what surprised me is that the doctor told her that she is fat because she is a vegetarian!!! what surprised me even more is that the doctor is indian, and from her accent (she was my ped), i think she is from india! i thought that indian doctors were more likely to be veg-friendly!
any recommedations on who she could see?
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