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I went to the one in Chicago last spring. A great fest!!! Funny, I was at the MAggie's organic booth, buying a tee for me and someone overheard me say something about my kids names. She came up to me and said

Are you Amys1st??

So dont worry, you will meet mdc ers whether you plan to or not.

If they do a screening of the doc movie "Black Gold" about coffee, do check it out. Wondefful movie. I met the man the movie is based on at the fest. My dh was very jealous. My dd1 Liz ran over to him pointing and yelled "You're the man from the coffee movie!!!!" He is from Eithopia and not used to western children reconizing him so it was fun. I also enjoyed speaking to him about world politics etc.

I hope your fest is just as good and let me know how it went!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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