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HI everyone, hope someone can offer suggestions.<br><br>
DH and I are both vegan and we are raising our 10 month old son to be vegan, too. We have loosely been doing baby led weaning, where the baby essentially feeds themselves, but DS has been experiencing a horrible rash around his mouth. I mentioned it to a Dr. who thought ds was just a rashy kid since I have sensitive skin. Initially this made sense but I made a real effort to keep the area clean and dry (he is not a dribbler) and it just got worse... unless he was off his food and mostly breastfeeding. Anyway, it really got bad last week and I mentioned it to another Dr (friend) who said it sounded like an allergy. So I stopped giving DS the soy yogurt which he LOVES and the rash is definitely improved.<br><br>
Anyway, whilst he doesn't eat a lot of soy to begin with, I am now feeling stuck in terms of what to give him. He is a hummus junky already, which is great, but I am just feeling perplexed on what to feed him. Soy is lurking in everything, it seems.<br><br>
Anyone have any ideas for breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas...? Also, do any of you give your LOs almond or rice milk before they turned one? I breastfeed MANY MANY times a day or night, but don't have a stock pile of milk to use in things like porridge (lost electrical power and lost well over 300oz of BM <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad">) I was also thinking of giving him a green shake....<br><br>
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