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vegan soft-soled baby and toddler shoes?

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Hi, all

I don't know id this is he right place for this post or not...

Does anyone know where I could find leather-free soft-soled shoes for babies and kids? I don't want to put them in hard-soled shoes but I don't feel right about putting them in leather anymore, either.

Thank you!
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Moving this to Toddlers . . .
This place has some.
We are using cheapies from a cheap store, but I'd like to get some of the ones at that site for Simon. The cheapies are working really well though so I'm not sure I can justify the expense. He is very stable. Up until he was walking quite steadily, we had him in those cheap cotton slippers with the non-skid plastic on the bottom (hope you know what I mean). On second thought... they really aren't all that expensive. I think I'll order a pair tonight in one size up from his current size. It will eventually fit him. Probably soon (his current shoes have bit a bit harder to get on him lately). I do love to spiel late at night.

Hope the link is helpful for you.
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I was just doing a search for this (not that I have kids yet but I'm vegan) and through Google I found a place where they have really cute ones like RObeez that aren't leather. (The kid bean ones are limited in color and all hemp) but I can't remember which site had them. Do a search on google for "vegan shoes baby"
do they have the soft flexible soles?
i don't have kids yet, but i have been thinking about where to find vegan soft soled shoes when i do, i was actually thinking i could make them myself, they seem very simple
I bought some of the Kidbean ones but at the time the smallest size they have was 6 and dd is still in 5's. We were lucky in that we have a warm house in winter so we just skipped the soft soled shoes and went with socks, booties, and fake leather mocs. For the booties, I used puffy paint on the bottoms to make them skid-proof. Now that we are outside more and the kidbeans STILL do not fit we have moved on the other solutions. Teva makes a great toddler sandal that dd uses. It has more structure than the cheapie sandals out there and they are quite durable. And Babies R Us sell a very cheap (and probably slave made) plain colored canvas shoe with velcro closure. They are flexible, durable, and wash in the machine well. Look in the toddler clothing area for shoes hanging in a display for about $6 each. I am not happy with that solution but it was the best we could do at the time.
I know there aren't many people making vegan soled soft baby shoes, but I do know of one place (see siggy below)...

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Ack! Where were you a year ago?!?!?!? I swear that I scoured the net chasing every lead and found nothing.
I don't know how old your kids are but Converse All Stars are extremely flexible (you really can practically roll them into a ball) and all canvas and rubber and are a great alternative for sneakers once your kids are walking well.

Originally Posted by lizabird
I know there aren't many people making vegan soled soft baby shoes, but I do know of one place (see siggy below)...

Do you ship to Canada?
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Those are adorable! Is the business yours? They would work for my son, but they don't look like the sizes go up high enough for my daughter...
Hi, I certainly didn't intend to hijack this thread... if anyone has any specific questions about my vegan shoes, I'd be happy to answer them via PM. Yes, I make them; yes, I ship to Canada; and no, I haven't made any sizes larger than the 18-24 month... yet.
I got an email from a mama several months ago asking about vegan shoes, if I made them, because she had been scouring the net and couldn't find any Robeez-like shoes that weren't leather. I was already making the fleece booties, so it was easy enough to substitute leather soles for man-made materials, and thus the BlueBirdBaby vegan baby shoe was born. I think it's a great idea, and my DS has given a pair a pretty hard test run and they've held up great, and actually dry super fast, much faster then the leather soles (which is great becaues he loves to run through puddles, wet grass, heavy downpours...)

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Another great company making vegan baby and kid's shoes!!!

(It's in Australia)
I bought a pair of these as a gift for someone recently.And they are in Canada.
If you check out the Isabooties website it says that they are vegan.
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