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veggie chili for hot dogs (and veggie dogs)?

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Hi all. I'm looking for a recipe/ideas for a vegetarian chili that I could serve with either regular hot dogs or veggie dogs. I went to allrecipes, which i love, but I'm just overwhelmed by the number of recipes, and can't figure out which would go well with hotdogs, yk?

Thanks! (Oh, and I plan to make it in the crockpot, if it matters).

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I throw together an assortment of dry beans (soaked first as usual) (whatever is in the pantry... I usually try to include lentils for texture...) and I use a seasoning package from the store- I think it's called Wick Fowler's 3 alarm chili. Then I follow their directions more or less- add the seasoning (usually not all of the red pepper...) and the tomato sauce and usually a can of chopped tomatoes and some water and cook until the beans are done.

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IMO, any chile will go well with hot dogs (vegie or otherwise, tho it has been *years* since I ate a meat hot dog!)

Here's my basic take on chile (please note: I do not use a crockpot, and this is all an aproximation, because I use whatever I have at hand, and vary the recipe everytime):

* Beans (Any kind of bean you like, I use kidney and navy beans usually -- black beans are good, but my dh doesn't like them, since he had a very horrible black bean experience one time).
* Stewed tomatoes (I use whole canned plum tomatoes and then smoosh them up with my fingers)
* Veggie protein (optional -- like boca ground meat, or Yves)
* Onions (and olive oil to fry them in)
* Canned corn niblets (not creamed!)
* Spices (cumin, coriander, pepper, salt, maybe a touch of cinnamon) to taste
* My "secret" ingredient: chipotle tabasco sauce (you can also use canned chipotles)

Basically, soften the onions in some olive oil, then add everything else and simmer. Add the veggie protein after the onions and let them "brown up" to get some caramalization, if you're using that. The longer you simmer the better, so I guess a crock pot would be good. I usually let it simmer a half hour or so.

It's yum!
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Thanks! I'm going to take a combo of suggestion from here and Allrecipes, and see what turns up! I hope it's good!

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