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these are vhs videos, in great shape honestly the cases are thrashed

asking $8ppd for each video or take all 10 tapes for $75 shipped

Lyle the friendly viking
Very Silly Songs
Rack Shack and Benny
Are you my Neighbor?
Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed
King George and the Ducky
God wants me to forgive them?
Madame Blueberry
Dave and the Giant Pickle
Wheres God when I'm scared (no case)

i have Junior Asparagus squeeze night time toy that needs new batteries. when he has batteries he lights up and hums "g-d is bigger then the boogie man" $6ppd

large talking larry. he's reversible - one side is larry, the other side is larry boy. each side has three phrases $15ppd

plush talking bob too. ya hit the bottom and he says three phrases $6ppd

or take all three toys for $24 shipped

take the toys and the videos for $90 shipped

no trades on these please.. am saving for our anniversary so we can have an evening out (well, a few hours anyway til Roman wakes up. lol)
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