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Veggies I can grow in partial shade?

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Hi, I live in Houston and my yard is mostly shaded all day. There is one side of my house that does get some good direct sun early in the day. Can anything grow without constant sunshine? I really would like to have a small veg. patch to help grocery expense and to teach my son.
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Garden peas love the shade!
About a 1/4 of our garden is pretty shaded, but the bell peppers are thriving!
i have a semi-shady deck and have some plants out there. it's actually the sunniest spot in my yard. little sungold cherry tomatoes usually do pretty well. they're so prolific anyway. you might try potatoes. lettuce (in the fall or early spring -- not now in TX). pepper might do okay. the worst you can do is try!
Track exactly how much sun you get there each day. You only need 6 hours to grow "full sun" plants.
I grow lettuce and green beans in a partly shaded area of my garden. It gets about 2 hours of sun a day there.
I grew a lot of veggies this year and found that the sun was actually too much for some of them. I think the pumpkins and squash might have done better with just morning sun and more shade in the afternoon. They looked pretty droopy at times. We are in Texas as well.
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